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Acacia cowleana

  • Acacia cowleana - Halls Creek Wattle 

    A shrub to small tree to 8m tall with fibrous bark, fissured toward the base of trunk, large sickle shaped leaves and bright yellow flowers occuring as elongated spikes in Winter to Spring.  It is distributed throughout Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland and northern New South Wales, growing mainly along banks of seasonal creeks.

    Eucalyptus albens - White Box

    A tree to 25m with rough bark on most or all of the trunk, dull blue-green to blue-grey leaves and white flowers.  Occuring in South East Queensland, throughout the Western Slopes of New South Wales to Eastern Victoria and a small population in the Southern Flinders Range of South Australia, usually on more elevated, stony sites.  It's uses include, land rehabilitation, construction, fencing, fuel and honey production.

    Hardenbergia violacea - Native Sarsparilla / Purple Coral Pea 

    A very popular ornamental, usually a moderately vigorous climbing plant, although there are some shrub type forms that are known. Leaves are a dark glossy green, flowers appear in Winter to Spring, usually violet but pink and other colours are sometimes found.  It is hardy, adaptable to most soils and prefers a sunny aspect for best flowering.  Widespread along the coast and adjacent ranges in Eastern and Southern States on the mainland from Mackay and also in South Australia.  A great choice as an ornamental and for land revegetation projects.