Eucalyptus exserta

  • Acacia crassa - Curracabah

    An erect or spreading shrub to 12m with yellow rod shaped flowers from late Winter to Spring and finely corrugated or fissured bark at the base.  

    Eucalyptus exserta - Queensland Peppermint / Bendo

    A medium sized tree to 25m with a branching canopy, persisitant fibrous grey bark on lower trunk and large branches, and pink-orange outer branches in late Spring to Summer with new bark appearing cream.  The leaves are glossy green and a food source for koalas, this species is distributed  throughout central, eastern and south-eastern Queensland.

    Indigofera australis - Austral Indigo / Australian Indigo / Native Indigo

    A slender upright, often straggly shrub in the pea family which is found in all Australian states.  Foliage is a beautiful blue-green colour and bright pink to purple flowers from mid September to November.  A frost hardy and drought tolerant shrub which is suitable for revegetation projects and also as an ornamental garden specimen.