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Minimum order quantity of 25 grams for seeds sold by weight and 100 seeds for seeds sold by count.

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BANKSIA baxteri
BANKSIA baxteri Out of Stock (Seeds)
BANKSIA blechnifolia
BANKSIA coccinea
BANKSIA coccinea Out of Stock (Seeds)
BANKSIA dryandriodes
BANKSIA dryandriodes Out of Stock (Seeds)
BANKSIA ericifolia
BANKSIA ericifolia
BANKSIA grandis
BANKSIA grandis Out of Stock (Seeds)
BANKSIA integrifolia
BANKSIA lemanniana
BANKSIA marginata
BANKSIA menziesii
BANKSIA menziesii Out of Stock (Seeds)
BANKSIA nivea syn Dryandra nivea
BANKSIA nivea syn Dryandra nivea Out of Stock (Seeds)
BANKSIA oblongifolia syn B asplenifolia
BANKSIA paludosa
BANKSIA paludosa Out of Stock (Seeds)
BANKSIA praemorsa
BANKSIA praemorsa Out of Stock (Seeds)
BANKSIA prionotes
BANKSIA prionotes Out of Stock (Seeds)
BANKSIA quercifolia
BANKSIA quercifolia Out of Stock (Seeds)
BANKSIA robur Out of Stock (Seeds)
BANKSIA seminuda
BANKSIA serrata
BANKSIA serrata Out of Stock (Seeds)
BANKSIA spinulosa
BANKSIA spinulosa var collina
BANKSIA spinulosa var collina Out of Stock (Seeds)
BANKSIA violacea
BANKSIA violacea Out of Stock (Seeds)

Please note:

Minimum order value for non account customers is $35.00 per order.   

Orders shipped to Western Australia - WA quarantine requires all bulk seed orders imported into WA to be inspected by Dept of Agriculture and Fisheries prior to dispatch. The cost of this is $110.00 per order - please note this is an ADDITIONAL COST for all orders shipped to WA.

The cost of mail cannot be computed and will therefore be added to the supply invoice at time of shipment, and in the case of export sales, the cost of Phytosanitary inspection and any Consular legalization of documents will also be an additional charge.

Any out of stock items ordered will automatically be placed on backorder unless expressly advised not to do so.  As fresh stock becomes available it will automatically be invoiced and despatched to customer.

Minimum web order quantity for each species (excluding flowers) is 25 gms when sold by weight, or 100 sds when sold by seed count.

FLOWERS: Minimum web order quantity for flowers is 5 gms when sold by weight, or 1000 sds when sold by seed count.  Out of stock flower seed will not be placed on backorder as we will not be receiving fresh stock.

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