Livistona australis 1Livistona australis $52.50/1000 seeds

Common Name: Cabbage Tree Palm

A tall, slender palm growing to 25 m with a 0.35 m diameter trunk. Endemic to coastal north Queensland, New South Wales and south east Victoria. Grows best in moist, organically rich soils in sheltered, light shade situations. Tolerant of salt, frost and wind, is an excellent coastal ornamental plant. A traditional source of food and fibre, colonial peoples used the fibres to make cabbage tree hats.






Livistona chinensis 1Livistona chinensis $52.50/1000 seeds

Common Name: Chinese Fan Palm

A subtropical palm of south east Asia, native to southern Japan. Grows 9 to 15 m tall, canopy about 4 m diameter and a slender 0.3 m diameter trunk. An ornamental tropical and subtropical palm preferring light shade/sunny, moist position. Leaves are used to make fans in China, as well as hats, brooms and raincoats.






Leptospermum polygalifolium 1Leptospermum polygalifolium $9.00/25 g, $215/kg

Endemic to east coast from Cape York, Queensland to the south coast of New South Wales. In its natural environment it stabilizes river banks and tolerates floods. As an ornamental garden specimen, it is useful as hedges and screens, growing to 4 m high and up to 3 m spread. Small green leaves and profuse white flowers from spring to early summer can be used in floral arrangements.