Spring is here and we have some interesting exotic species available!


Yucca brevifolia $69.50/1000 seedsYucca brevifolia 1

Common Name: Joshua Tree

Native to arid southwestern USA, specifically California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada. In its natural habitat it grows up to 15 m tall and some wild specimens are over 100 years old. Leaves are dark bluish-green, linear and tapering to a sharp point, in dense spiral arrangements, leaf margins are white and serrated. Creamy white flowers appear February to April in pannicles up to 50 cm long and 35 cm wide. Prefers a hot, sunny spot with sandy, well-draining soil.



Zamia furfuracea 1Zamia furfuracea $189.50/1000 seeds

Common Name: Cardboard Plant

Native to Mexico, grows up to 1.3 m high and 2 m wide. The trunk is short and often subterranean. Leaves are very rigid, slightly furry and grow in a circular crown, erect in full sun, horizontal in shade. Prefers moist, well-drained soil, full sun to part shade, does not like the cold. In warmer climates it can grow well in containers and as houseplants. A low maintenance ornamental species for the garden.



Radermachera sinica $12.00/1000 seedsRadermachera sinica 1

Common Name: China Doll

Evergreen native to the subtropical mountains of China and Taiwan, growing up to 30 m tall and 1 m diameter. Leaves are small, glossy and delicate looking, flowers are white and trumpet shaped. Hardy plant once established and an excellent indoor container plant.