Cyphomandra betaceae syn Solanum betaceae $27.00/25 gCyphomandra betaceae 6 Fruit

Common Name: Tamarillo, Tree Tomato

Native to north-west South America and cultivated in subtropical regions around the world. Fast growing shrub/small tree to 5 m. Flowers are pink/white in clusters of 10 to 50 flowers, followed by fruit set of 1 to 6 fruit per cluster. Fruits are egg-shaped, edible, 4 to 10 cm long, ripening from green to yellow/orange or red/purple. Prefers a Mediterranean climate such as where citrus grows, must be protected from the wind and does not tolerate frost or drought.



Ardisia crenata 1 FruitArdisia crenata $89.50/1000 seeds

Common Name: Australian Holly, Christmas Berry

A compact shrub to 1 m, native to eastern Asia. Leaves are glossy, dark green. Flowers are small white/red and fragrant in clusters, followed by glossy red fruit in autumn/winter. Prefers part shade.




Gardenia thunbergii $17.00/25 g or $495.00/kgGardenia thunbergii 1 Flowers

Common Name: Tree Gardenia

An evergreen ornamental shrub native to South Africa. Grows to 2 m. An attractive garden specimen with glossy, green leaves used in hedge plantings and containers. Most notable for the heavily fragrant white flowers in spring.