Pandanus pendunculatis 5Pandanus pedunculatus $375.00/1000 seeds

Common Name: Pandanus, Screw Pine

Native to eastern Australia, from Port Macquarie to northern Queensland, and Pacific Islands. A dioecious evergreen growing to 15 m tall and 5 m wide. Leaves are strap-like with toothed margins on branches in a screw-type arrangement. Large fruit (pineapple sized) occur on female trees can take up to a year to mature. Does not tolerate frost but is salt and wind tolerant, supported by prop roots to protect against strong coastal winds. Prefers full sunlight to light shade.



 Albizia julibrissin $9.00/25 g, $165.00/kg

Albrizia julibrissim 1

Common Name: Persian Silk Tree

Native to south-western and eastern Asia. A small deciduous tree growing 5 to 16 m. Flowers are sweet-scented and a source of nectar for birds, butterflies and bees. Used as an ornamental garden or park plant as the arching canopy of fine foliage provides excellent shade and flowers make a showy display. Grows well in full sun in hot climates and tolerates low water.