Dypsis lutescens 7Dypsis lutescens $37.50/1000 seeds – available January/February 2019 from fresh collection

Common Name: Golden Cane Palm

Native to Madagascar and South India

Grows 6 to 12 m, multi-trunked, 2 to 3 m arched leaves

Tropical and subtropical ornamental garden plant and indoor container plant

Easy to grow, full sun to part shade




Eucalyptus pulverulenta 1Eucalyptus pulverulenta pure seed POA – from fresh collection

Common Name: Silver Leaved Mountain Gum

Shrub / small tree

Retains silver-grey, rounded juvenile leaves, rarely produces adult leaves

Creamy flowers May to November

Rare in nature, only two small populations exist in the Blue Mountains and Southern Tablelands

Beautiful cut foliage in floral arrangements



Zantedeschia aethiopica 1Zantedeschia aethiopica $139.00/1000 seeds – from fresh collection

Common Name: Arum Lily

Native to Africa, South Africa and Swaziland

Preferred habitat is streams, ponds and waterway banks

Grows up to 1 m

Broad, dark green leaves with pure white flowers spring to autumn with a yellow spadix that produces a sweet fragrance

Cultivated ornamental garden and container plant