Acacia baileyana purpurea $39.00/25 g, $1125.00/kg from upcoming fresh harvestAcacia baileyana purpurea 1

Common Name: Cootamundra Wattle

Native to south east New South Wales. A small tree with a short trunk and arching branches growing 5 to 8 m tall and 3 to 5 m wide. Foliage is silver-grey with purple juvenile foliage. Masses of yellow flowers appear June to August. Evergreen, prefers full sun, low maintenance, frost tolerant, drought resistant once established. Foliage and flowers make this an interesting colour specimen for gardens.

Bauhinia purpurea $10.00/25 g, $225.00/kgBauhinia purpurea 1

Common Name: Orchid Tree

An evergreen, subtropical to tropical climate small tree growing 4 to 10 m tall and to 2 m wide. Native to south east Asia and south China. Leaves are two lobed characteristic of Bauhinias. Large, fragrant, purple orchid-type flowers appear in autumn. Great ornamental garden tree as it is low maintenance and reasonably drought tolerant once established.


Stenocarpus sinuatus 1

Stenocarpus sinuatus $10.00/25 g, $220.00/kg from upcoming fresh harvest

Common Name: Firewheel Tree

Native to eastern Australia, a medium to large rainforest tree that grows to 40 m in its natural environment although smaller in cultivation and in cooler climates of southern states. Flowers are circular red umbels appearing February to March. A popular ornamental garden tree in Australia and around the world. Suitable as street trees and for large parks and gardens. Prefers sun to part shade and grows best in rich loamy soils. Attracts bees, butterflies, insects and nectar-feeding birds.


Mandevilla suaveolens $117.00/1000 seeds from upcoming April harvestMandevilla suaveolens 1

Common Name: Chilean Jasmine

Native western countries of South America. A vine/climber to 6 m with glossy green leaves, is deciduous in cooler climates. White flowers appear in masses in summer and are heavily fragrant, especially in the evening. Ideal for fences, pergolas and arches. Prune to shape after flowering. Not frost tolerant.

Metasequoia glyptostroboides $49.00/25 g from upcoming May harvestMetasequoia glyptostroboides 1

Common Name: Dawn Redwood

A deciduous, fast-growing conifer, growing 35 to 50 m, it is the sole species of the genus Metasequoia. First described from fossils 50 million years ago, living trees were discovered in south-central China in 1941, where it is now endangered from deforestation. Bark becomes deeply fissured and the base of the trunk flares as the tree matures. Tolerates wet soils. Monoecious. A popular ornamental park, large garden and street tree worldwide.

Diploglottis campbellii $260.00/1000 seeds from upcoming fresh harvestDiploglottis campbellii 1

Common Name: Small-leaved Tamarind

Native to northern New South Wales and southeast Queensland. A small, dense, rainforest tree growing 7 to 10 m. Rare and threatened in nature but widely cultivated and available in nurseries. Small creamy brown flower pannicles appear November to January. Orange coloured fruit ripen February to April are edible with a tangy pulp that is used in sauces, preserves, jellies and spreads, delicious consumed with cheeses and cold cuts. Prefers part shade, an excellent ornamental shade tree for all gardens.