Feijoa sellowiana $83.50/1000 seeds – upcoming fresh collectionFeijoa sellowiana 1 Flower

syn Acca sellowiana

Common Name: Pineapple Guava

An evergreen, perennial shrub/small tree growing to 4 m, native to South America, not a true guava. Summer flowers attract birds and bees, petals are edible, said to have a cinnamon taste. Edible fruits appear autumn to early winter, about the size of an egg, olive-green in colour. Described as having a sweet, aromatic flavour of pineapple, apple and mint, the ripe fruit falls from the tree. Prefers a sunny positions sheltered from wind in warm-temperate and subtropical gardens.


Nelumbo nucifera $12.00/25 g – just arrived in stockNelumbo nucifera 1

Common Name: Sacred Lotus

An aquatic perennial growing to 150 cm high, spreading up to 3 m in water up to 2.5 m deep with a minimum depth of 30 cm. Native distribution is from central and northern India across to East Asia. The leaves grow up to 60 cm diameter with pink/white flowers up to 20 cm diameter.


Brachychiton rupestris $25.00/25 g, $875.00/kg – in stock nowBrachychiton rupestris 1

Common Name: Queensland Bottle Tree

Native to Queensland, the characteristic bulbous trunk can grow up to 3.5 m in diameter and 10 to 25 m tall. Deciduous from September to December when creamy flowers appear, followed by seed pods November to May. Farmers and pastoralists use the native trees as shade and fodder for livestock. Adapts well to cultivation in a range of soil types, used as a street tree, in parks and large gardens as well as bonsai specimens. Prefers full sun and well-drained soil.


Ceratonia siliqua $10.00/25 g, $179.00/kg – in stock nowCeratonia siliqua 1

Common Name:  Carob Tree

Ceratonia siliqua is native to the Mediterranean region.  Grows up to 15 m, is deep rooted and adaptable to a variety of soil conditiions.  Trees are male or female with some occurence of bisexual trees.  Only female trees fruit.  With dense foliage, shiny green leaves and bronze new growth, it is ideal as an ornamental shade tree for gardens.  Flowers in summer followed by large pods.  Dried pods are ground to make carob powder, used as a substitute for chocolate.


Liriope gigantea $63.50/1000 seeds – in stock nowLiriope gigantea 2

Common Name: Giant Liriope

An evergreen, clumping perennial with long strappy, dark green leaves to 60cm long.  Purple-mauve flowers appear late summer to autumn, followed by green berries that turn purple/black as they ripen.  Great for borders and as an understorey plant.


Roystonea regia $69.50/1000 seeds – just arrived in stockRoystonea regia 1

Common Name: Cuban Royal Palm

A tropical/subtropical evergreen native to Mexico, Caribbean and southern Florida. Grows 20 to 30 m tall with a single trunk about 45 cm diameter, grey with a green crownshaft. Leaves are up to 4 m long. White flowers are followed by green fruit which turn red then purple as it matures. Seeds are dispersed after the fruit is eaten by birds and bats.