Brachychiton bidwillii $110.00/1000 seeds – upcoming fresh harvest

Brachychiton bidwillii 1

Common Name: Little Kurrajong

Native to tropical eastern Australia, a small deciduous tree growing 4 to 5 m with a spread of up to 4 m. Flowers spring through summer while tree is leafless. Flowers are pink to red and vary in size depending on regionality. Drough tolerant and frost tolerant.




Sophora prostrata – inviting enquiries for this interesting plant from New Zealand, seeds available from fresh harvest.Sophora prostrata 1

Common Name: Prostrate Kowhai

Native to New Zealand, a low growing shrub to 2 m high. Very small leaves along twisted branches with orange/yellow flowers. A very interesting specimen for indoor containers and bonsai.




Yucca whipplei $35.00/1000 seeds, taking ordersYucca whipplei 1

Common Name: Chaparral Yucca, Spanish Bayonet

Native to southern California and Baha California in Mexico, consisting of a stemless cluster of long rigid leaves with saw-tooth edges and sharp points, up to 90 cm long and green/grey in colour. A single flowers spike appears at maturity around 5 years, fast-growing and reaching to 3 m tall, bearing hundreds of bell shaped white/purple flowers.


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