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Simmondsia chinensis $10.00/25 g, $189.00/kg, available in stock, coming up for June harvestSimmondsia chinensis 1

Common Name: Jojoba

A broad, dense tree/shrub native to southwestern North America, growing 1 to 2 m. Seeds are the source of Jojoba oil/liquid wax. Traditionally used by Native Americans as a skin and hair salve and for preserving hides. Now used commercially in cosmetics and personal care products. Prefers light, coarse soils with good drainage. Tolerates salinity and nutrient poor soils. Used for desertification control. For the home garden it can be used as a dense, shaped hedge.


Tristaniopsis laurina $10.00/25 g, $260.00/kg, fresh harvest May/June 2019Tristaniopsis laurina 1

Common Name: Kanooka

Endemic to the east coast of Australia from Brisbane to Gippsland region. Growing 5 to 15 m tall, found along creek banks and open rainforest. Suitable for large gardens and street trees (popular in Sydney). Flower clusters are cream to yellow/orange, January to February, attracting honeybees and native bees. Seeds germinate in three to four weeks, no pretreatment required.


Elaeocarpus obovatus $35.00/1000 seeds, available in stock, coming up for collection MayElaeocarpus obovatus 1

Common Name: Hard Quandong

A rainforest tree of eastern Australia growing to 45 m. White flower racemes appear September to November followed by edible blue fruit January to April. Seeds are used as beads.


Syzygium paniculatum $35.00/1000 seeds, fresh harvest AprilSyzygium paniculatum 1

Common Name: Magenta Lilly Pilly

A dense, bushy rainforest tree with glossy green leaves, native to New South Wales, growing to 15 m. Clusters of white flowers are followed magenta fruit. Fruit is edible with a sour apple flavour, eaten fresh or cooked as jam.


Polyalthia longifolia v pendula $11.00/25 g, $175.00/25, fresh harvest September, taking early orders nowPolyalthia longifolia v pendula 1

Common Name: Falsa Ashoka

Native to India. An columnar evergreen tree growing to 30 m tall with weeping, pendulous branches of dense, lush green foliage covering the tree. Star shaped pale green flowers appear in spring an only last a short time, followed by clusters of fruit, green turning purple/black. An interesting addition to large gardens, parks and street plantings.


Genista monosperma syn Retama monosperma $14.00/25 g, $380.00/kg, available soonGenista monosperma 1

Common Name: Bridal Veil Broom

Tree growing to 4 m tall with a 3 m spread of arching branches covered in scented white pea-flowers in early spring through summer. Attracts butterflies and bees. A beautiful ornamental for gardens. Prefers full sun/part shade, frost tolerant.


Moringa oleifera syn pterygosperma $10.00/25 g, $169.00/kg, available in stock, coming up for May harvestMoringa pterygosperma 2

Common Name: Drumstick Tree

A small tree from northern India, fast growing, deciduous to 12 m tall. Prefers subtropical and tropical climates. Flowers once a year April to July followed by long, hanging fruit pods. Leaves are used as a vegetable as they are highly nutrient rich, cooked and used like spinach or dried and ground for soups and sauces. Not frost tolerant.


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