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Mimusops elengi $9.00/25 g, $159.00/kg, available soonMimusops elengi 1

Common Name: Spanish Cherry

A medium evergreen native to south Asias and northern Australian tropical forests growing 15 to 30 m tall. Glossy, dark green leaves and dense canopy provides deep shade. Fragrant flowers appear in April followed by edible fruit, yellow/orange when ripe with a sweet flavour, eaten raw or in preserves. The seeds and flowers are used for making necklaces and garlands as the flowers retain their fragrance even when dried. The bark, flowers and fruit are used in Ayuvedic medicine. The timber has a rich, deep red colour. A popular ornamental garden specimen.


Backhousia myrtifolia $40.00/25 g, coming up for fresh collectionBackhousia myrtifolia 1

Common Name: Grey Myrtle

A small, riparian tree of subtropical rainforests of eastern Australia, growing 3 to 7 m. Leaves are cinnamon scented/flavoured and can be used in place of cinnamon to flavour cooking or steeped into tea. Small cream flowers appear November to January. Prefers sun or mostly sunny position.



Clivia miniata $475.00/1000 seeds (orange flower), available soonClivia miniata 1

Native to woodland habitats in South Africa. Grows to about 45 cm high in a clumping habit with glossy, strappy leaves. Grows well in shady areas and does not like exposure to hot, direct sunlight. Orange trumpet-like flowers appear in clusters.




Brunfelsia latifolia $13.00/25 g, coming up for fresh collectionBrunfelsia latifolia 1 Flower

Common Name: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Native to Brazil, grows 1 to 2 m with a 2 m spread, evergreen but semi-deciduous in cooler climates. Flowers start out purple but fade to white, are sweetly fragrant, appearing September to November. All three flower colours are present on the bush at the same time, creating a wonderful floral display. With dense green foliage and mixed flowers, it makes a lush and showy garden specimen, in hedging and mass plantings.


Tipuana tipu $9.00/25 g, $225.00/kg, coming up for fresh collection

Tipuana tipu 1 Flowers

Common Name: Pride of Bolivia

Deciduous tree growing to 30 m high with a canopy 20 m wide. Flowers are bright yellow, blooming briefly in late summer. Tolerates a wide range of growing conditions such as cold, salty and drought.



Randia fitzalanii $129.00/1000 seeds, available from stock and coming up for fresh collectionRandia fitzalanii 1 Flowers

Common Name: Native Gardenia, Yellow Mangosteen

Native to tropical Queensland, a small shrub/tree growing 3 to 10 m. Lush, glossy foliage with highly scented creamy flowers followed by large, yellow edible fruit which attracts birds. Flowers appear September to November and open in the afternoon. Suitable for shady positions or well-lit indoor containers.



Livistona australis $53.50/1000 seeds – apx June/July

Livistona australis 1

Common Name: Cabbage Tree Palm

A tall, slender palm growing to 25 m with a 0.35 m diameter trunk. Endemic to coastal north Queensland, New South Wales and south east Victoria. Grows best in moist, organically rich soils in sheltered, light shade situations. Tolerant of salt, frost and wind, it is an excellent ornamental coastal palm. A traditional source of food and fibre, colonial peoples used the fibres to make cabbage tree hats.





Livistona decipiens syn decora $53.50/1000 seeds – apx June/JulyLivistona decipiens 1

Common Name: Ribbon Fan Palm

Native to Queensland coastal woodlands between Magnetic Island and Rainbow Beach. A tall, slender palm growing to 18 m. Leaves up to 3 m long, fan shaped with ribbon-like hanging fronds. Tolerates a wide range of soils with good drainage. Full sun to part shade, drought tolerant. Used as a landscaping feature plant.




Melicope elleryana $10.00/25 g, $235.00/kg – apx June/JulyMelicope elleryana 1

Syn Euodia elleryana

Common Name: Pink Euodia, Corkwood

An evergreen, small to medium tree growing 5 to 8 m (up to 25 m in its natural habitat in rainforests of northern New South Wales to northern Queensland. Masses of pink flowers bloom along the branches in summer, attracting nectar feeding birds, insects and butterflies, including the Blue Ulysses butterfly. Tolerates mild frost. It shallow root system makes is suitable for planting in gardens and street plantings.



Phoenix roebellini $39.50/1000 seeds, available in stock

Phoenix roebelenii 2

Common Name:  Pygmy Date Palm

Native to south east Asia, a small to medium single, spiny trunk palm growing 2 to 3 m with arching fronds up to 1 m long. A popular ornamental in tropical and subtropical gardens. Tolerates most soils and moderately drought tolerant, prefers full sun to part shade positions. Suitable for pots (although can get top heavy) and pool side plantings. When planted in clumps they bend away from each other as they grow, making an interesting arrangement.




Dietes bicolor $29.50/1000 seeds

Dietes grandiflora 2 FlowerDietes iridioides 1 FlowerDietes bicolor 3 flower

Dietes grandiflora $27.50/1000 seeds

Dietes iridoides $37.50/1000 seeds




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