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NEW LINE! Monstera deliciosa Tauerii $179.00/1000 seedsMonstera deliciosa tauerii 2Monstera deliciosa tauerii 1

Common Name: Swiss Cheese Plant

Similar to Monstera deliciosa however seeds are less perishable and store longer, better germination and the leaf holes develop earlier. Growing to 2 m, ideal for shady gardens or containers indoors. Prefers filtered light.





Harpulia pendula $159/1000 seedsHarpullia pendula 1

Common Name: Tulipwood

A small/medium tree, native to Australia. Forms a compact, dense canopy with pannicles of green/yellow flowers appearing November to January. Bright orange fruit appear August to October, containing shiny black/brown seeds. Used as an ornamental garden tree and street plantings. Fine grained, heavy timber is used for cabinetry and turning.



Asparagus meyerii $150.00/1000 seedsAsparagus meyeri 1

Common Name: Asparagus Fern, Basket Fern

Native to southern Africa, a compact, clumping evergreen with needle-like leaves growing 60 to 80 cm high. Not frost tolerant. Suitable for coastal gardens in subtropical and tropical climates in hanging baskets, containers or as a groundcover in gardens. Drought resistant, low maintenance, prefers full sun to part shade.