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Ceratonia siliqua $10/25 g, $179/kg – available in stock Ceratonia siliqua 1

Common Name:  Carob Tree

Ceratonia siliqua is native to the Mediterranean region.  Grows up to 15 m, is deep rooted and adaptable to a variety of soil conditiions.  Trees are male or female with some occurence of bisexual trees.  Only female trees fruit.  With dense foliage, shiny green leaves and bronze new growth, it is ideal as an ornamental shade tree for gardens.  Flowers in summer followed by large pods.  Dried pods are ground to make carob powder, used as a substitute for chocolate.


Brachychiton rupestris $25/25 g, $875/kg – available in stock Brachychiton rupestris 1

Common Name: Queensland Bottle Tree

Native to Queensland, the characteristic bulbous trunk can grow up to 3.5 m in diameter and 10 to 25 m tall. Deciduous from September to December when creamy flowers appear, followed by seed pods November to May. Farmers and pastoralists use the native trees as shade and fodder for livestock. Adapts well to cultivation in a range of soil types, used as a street tree, in parks and large gardens as well as bonsai specimens. Prefers full sun and well-drained soil.


Harpullia pendula $159/1000 seeds – available in stockHarpullia pendula 1

Common Name: Tulipwood

A small to medium rainforest tree in tropical and subtropical climates, grows to 24 m in natural habitat but as a street tree only to 6 m. A popular ornamental with a compact canopy and timber is used in cabinetry and turning. Panicles of green/yellow flowers appear November to January followed by orange/yellow/red fruit containing two shiny black/brown seeds. Hardy, fast growing and non-invasive.


Delonix regia $55/1000 seeds – fresh harvested available in stock Delonix regia 1

Common Name: Poinciana

Native to Madagascar. Typically grows to 5 m but can reach 10 to 12 m. Foliage of light green fine leaves creates a shady canopy. Most notable for the showy floral display of red flower clusters that cover the tree throughout summer. Used as an ornamental garden / shade tree in tropical /subtropical climates and is a common street tree in Brisbane.



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