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Adansonia digitata $13.00/25 g, $325.00/kgAdansonia digitata

Common Name: Monkey-bread Boabab

Native to Africa, typically found in the dry, hot sub-Saharan savannahs where their presence indicates a source of water. Grows 5 to 25 m high and the bottle-shaped trunk can grow 10 to 14 m diameter. Deciduous through winter, white, pendulous flowers appear early summer, 12 cm across, opening late afternoon and only staying open for one night. Specimens have been documented as old as 2450 years. A traditional food plant in Africa – fruit pulp is either eaten fresh or dissolved into a drink, leaves are made into relish or powdered for adding to cooking.



Adansonia gregorii $11.00/25 g, $290.00/kgAdansonia gregorii 1

Common Name: Boab

Native to Australia, occurs in the Kimberley region of Western Australia through to Northern Territory. Grows 9 to 12 m high with a bottle-shaped trunk that can reach about 5 m diameter. Deciduous in winter with new leaves and large white flowers appearing December to May. Living specimens exist that have been estimated to be 2000 years old.



Liriope gigantea $63.50/1000 seedsLiriope gigantea 2

Common Name:  Giant Liriope

An evergreen, clumping perennial with long strappy, dark green leaves to 60cm long.  Purple-mauve flowers appear late summer to autumn, followed by green berries that turn purple/black as they ripen.  Great for borders and as an understorey plant.



Radermachera sinica $12.00/1000 seedsRadermachera sinica 1

Common Name:  China Doll

Evergreen native to the subtropical mountains of China and Taiwan, growing up to 30 m tall and 1 m diameter.  Leaves are small, glossy and delicate looking, flowers are white and trumpet shaped.  Hardy plant once established and an excellent indoor container plant.



Adenium obesum $310.00/1000 seedsAdenium obesum 2

Common name: Desert Rose

Native to tropical and subtropical eastern and southern Africa. Evergreen, drought-deciduous, succulent shrub that grows 1 to 3 m. Flowers are generally pink or red with a white throat. A popular houseplant and bonsai specimen as well as container plantings outdoors. Prefers a sunny position in temperate climates, water as you would a cactus.




Dodonaea falcata $21.00/1000 seedsDodonaea falcata 1

Common Name:  Thread-leaf Hop Bush

Native to Australia, a small to medium shrub growing 1.5 to 2 m.  Fruits late in spring to summer are red/purple on female plants only.  Cut stems of fruits can be used in floral arrangements.  Used in revegetation and land rehabilitation as well as ornamental plantings.






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