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Caesalpinia ferrea $13/25 g, $365/kg - upcoming collection Caesalpinia ferrea 2

Common Name: Leopard Tree

Native to Brazil and Bolivia. Grows 6 to 7 m tall with a canopy spread of 4 to 5 m. Yellow flower clusters appear through summer and autumn, followed by hard seed pods. The common name ‘Leopard Tree’ is reference to the smooth mottled grey bark. Timber is used in guitar making, flooring, furniture and hand gun grips. Widely used as a street tree and in open parks and gardens. Prefers full sun.



Alpinia caerulea Red Back $129/1000 seedsAlpinia caerulea RedBack

Common Name: Atherton Native Ginger

A variety of Alpinia caerulea, the broad green leaves have a red underside. Grows to about 2 m tall, 1 m wide. Prefers light to full shade and grows well indoors, with fragrant white flowers late spring to early summer, followed by blue berries.




Archontophoenix cunninghamiana $37.50/1000 seeds - upcoming collectionArchontophoenix cunninghamiana 3

Common Name: Bangalow Palm

Native to Australia in subtropical and tropical climates. Grows 20 to 25 m tall. Evergreen fronds, hanging pannicles of purple flowers appear midsummer are followed by red berries that attract birds. Full sun to part shade.


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