Elaeocarpus grandis $139.00/1000 seeds – upcoming collectionElaeocarpus grandis 1

Common Name: Blue Quandong

Native to Australia tropical and subtropical climates, growing to 35 m with a spreading canopy of dark green leaves on an upright trunk. Quick growing, reaching 5 to 6 m in a few years. Small white flowers appear March to June, followed by bright blue berries in spring. Fruits for jams and pickles are best used when slightly over-ripe. High in vitamin C. Bird attracting. Good for large gardens/acreage, parks.



Bolusanthus speciosus $17.00/25 g, $495.00/kg – upcoming fresh collectionBolusanthos speciosus 5 Tree

Common Name: Tree Wisteria

Native to South and East Africa, a fast growing small to medium tree to 6 m, weeping habit and deciduous in early spring. Hanging clusters of fragrant violet/blue flowers can cover the tree, appearing August to January. Prefers a sunny position, frost resistant but not drought tolerant. Uses including ornamental garden specimen, containers plantings on sunny verandahs, bonsai and street and park trees.



Cassia javanica $9.00/25 g, $135.00/kg – coming into stockCassia javanica 2

Common Name: Pink Shower Tree

Native to Southeast Asia. Spreading canopy on an upright trunk with masses of flowers appearing in spring, clusters of pale pink to crimson flowers with yellow stamens. Fast growing, prefers tropical climates. Used as an ornamental shade tree for gardens, parks and street plantings.



Sophora tetraptera $47.50/25 grams, $1575.00/kg – now in stockSophora tetraptera 1

Common Name: Large-leaved Kówhai

Native to New Zealands North Island. Grows 10 to 15 m tall with a spreading canopy of green/grey leaves, with occasional pendulous branches. Clusters of drooping yellow flowers appear September to December. Prefers full sun.


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