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Xanthorrhoea glauca $52.50/1000 seeds – upcoming collectionXanthorrhoea glauca 1

Common Name: Grass Tree

Endemic to eastern Australia, growing to 2 m high but can exceed 5 m and may form branches. Leaves are grey/blue. Tolerates dry conditions once established, prefers very well drained soil in full sun. Position carefully as the sensitive roots do not respond well to replanting/repositioning. Slow growing but not as slow as other Xanthorrhoea species. An iconic flora of Australian culture, it is an interesting architectural landscape feature in gardens or containers.



Syzygium luehmannii $37.50/1000 seeds – upcoming collectionSyzygium luehmannii 1

Common Name: Cherry Satinash, Riberry

Native to Australia. Medium sized tree up to 30 m. Small pink/red juvenile leaves mature to glossy green leaves. White/cream flowers November to December in pannicles followed by red berries December to February, containing a single seed, attractive to birds and flying foxes. Fruit is used as a bushfood eaten straight off the tree as well as cooked into jams and sauces. Ideal ornamental garden specimen or street tree planting.



Acanthus mollis $325/1000 seeds – taking ordersAcanthus mollis 2

Common Name: Bear’s Breeches, Oyster Plant

Native to the Mediterranean region, growing 30 to 80 cm high. Perennial, evergreen clustered habit with shiny dark green leaves up to 40 x 20 cm. The inflorescence spike can ready about 40 cm high with as many as 120 purple/white flowers. Prefers moist soil in sun or part to full shade in the garden, containers or indoor. Flowers can be used for floral arrangements. The leaf-shaped motif is used extensively on the top of Corinthian columns and in Greco-Roman architecture.



Brachychiton australis $15/25 g, $295kg – upcoming collectionBrachychiton australis 1

Common Name: Broad-Leaved Bottle Tree

Native to eastern Australia growing to 5 m. Deciduous, leafless from June to August when white scented flowers appear. The characteristic bulbous trunk tapering towards the top of the tree is where the ‘bottle’ tree name comes from. Once established they are very drought resistant. Suitable for parks, gardens and containers with a non-invasive root system.


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