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Leptospermum arachnoides $15/25 g, $295/kgLeptospermum arachnoides 1

Common Name: Spidery Tea Tree

Native to eastern Australia, growing in moist coastal heaths, 1 to 3 m. Small sharp leaves release an aroma when crushed/rubbed. White flowers appear November through January. Tolerates poorly drained soils and will grow in full sun to shade.


Leptospermum liversidgei $15/25 g, $295/kgLeptospermum liversidgei 2 Flowers

Common Name: Lemon Scented Tea Tree, Olive Tea Tree

Native to wet coastal heaths of eastern Australia. Grows 2 to 4 m tall. The small leaves release a lemon scent when rubbed/crushed. White/pink flowers appear in summer followed by a woody seed pod which does not open until removed from the plant or the plant dies. A source of citronellal oil, cultivated as a mosquito repellent. Very hardy, sun/part shade, tolerates poor drainage and moderate frost.


Rhapis excelsa $350/1000 seeds – incoming stockRhapis excelsa 1

Common Name: Lady Palm, Bamboo Palm

A multi-stemmed, clumping palm with lush evergreen tropical foliage. No wild populations are known but it is most likely native to southern China. Thrives in subtropical and tropical climates, prefers a shady/sheltered position in the garden. Suitable for pots and an excellent indoor plant as it can tolerate low light.


Cupaniopsis anacardioides $10/25 g, $210/kg – taking orders for January collectionCupaniopsis anacardioides 3 Tree

Common Name: Tuckeroo

Native to eastern and northern Australia, a small tree growing to 10 m. Green/white flowers appear May to July followed by orange, bird-attracting fruit that contains glossy seeds. Suitable as an ornamental garden or street planting tree. Salt tolerant.


Crinum pedunculatum $579/1000 seeds (special price for November/December, normal price $589/1000 seeds) – Crinum pedunculatum 3taking orders for December/January collection

Common Name: Swamp Lily

Endemic to coastal Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales, also found in New Guinea and some Pacific Islands. A large, bulbous evergreen perennial with broad strappy leaves, 2 to 3 m tall, spreading up to 3 m. Prefers full sun to part shade, well-drained to boggy/poorly drained soils. Flowers are white and fragrant on tall stems appearing November to March.



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