Tabebuia chrysantha $65/1000 seedsupcoming collectionTabebuia chrysantha

Common Name: Yellow Ipé, Araguaney

The national tree of Venezuela, native to South America. A deciduous tree growing 6 to 12 m tall. Large tubular yellow flowers appear February to April while the tree is leafless. It has become naturalized in south east Queenland and northern New South Wales. A popular ornamental street, park and large garden tree.




Tabebuia chrysotricha $63.50/1000 seeds - upcoming collectionTabebuia chrysotricha 2 Flower

Common Name: Golden Trumpet Tree

Native to Brazil, growing 5 to 8 m tall with a spread of 8 to 11 m. Semi-deciduous with golden yellow to red nectar rich flowers appear in spring. Naturalized in tropical/sub-tropical Australia, used as a street tree, in large parks and ornamental garden plantings.



Beaucarnea recurvata $42.50/1000 seedsBeaucarnea recurvata 5

Common Name: Pony Tail Palm

Native to eastern Mexico where some specimens are known to be about 350 years old. An evergreen perennial growing 4 to 5 m with a swollen base for storing water that can grow up to 50 cm diameter. Leaves are long and strappy. Occasional panicles of white flowers appear on mature plants. A popular garden plant or container plant indoors and outdoors. Slow growing, drought tolerant, prefers full sun/light shade.



Phoenix robelenii $43.50/1000 seedsPhoenix roebelenii 4

Common Name: Pygmy Date Palm

Native to south eastern Asia. A small/medium palm 2 to 3 m tall, dark green slender feathery leaves crown a spiny trunk. A popular ornamental garden plant, moderately drought tolerant, pest resistant, prefers full sun/part shade. As an indoor plant it is a good filter of common household air toxins.



Dianella congesta $69.00/1000 seeds – fresh collectionDianella congesta 1

Common Name: Coastal Flax Lily

Native to the coastal dunes, forests and woodlands of Queensland and New South Wales. Perennial clumping/mat forming to 20 cm diameter with leaves up to 45 cm long. Flowers appear spring to summer, dark blue star shaped followed by purple/blue berries. Rhizomatous, fibrous roots help stabilize dunes from erosion. Prefers a sunny, well drained position.



Dianella revoluta $72.00/1000 seeds – fresh collectionDianella revoluta 1

Common Name: Blue Flax Lily

Native to eastern and southern Australia in coastal extending inland regions. A clumping evergreen perennial growing to 1 m high and 1.5 m spread with long strappy leaves up to 10 cm long. Flowers appear spring to summer are deep blue/purple on stems up to 1.5 m followed by blue/purple fruit. Very hardy once established, drought and frost resistant. Suitable for most soil types but prefers well-drained in part to full sun. Used as borders, understorey and mass plantings.



Dianella longifolia $15.50/1000 seeds – REDUCED PRICE!Dianella longifolia 1

Native to northern and eastern Australia, growing to 0.8 m with leaves up to 80 cm long. Pale blue flowers appear spring to summer following by purple/blue berries. Very hardy, used as understorey, borders and mass plantings as well as median strip and roundabout plantings.



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