Dear Customers

The recent tragic fire event of the New South Wales and Victorian coastline are such that little plant material remains unscathed.

The following primary colonisers are mentioned as species that could be propagated as a means of species recovery – seed stocks are available in all cases.


Acacia boormanii $12/25 g, $295/kg

Acacia suaveolens $14/25 g, $390/kg

Banksia integrifolia $65/1000 seeds

Callistemon citrinus $12/25 g, $275/kg

Callistemon salignus $11/25 g, $275/kg

Casuarina cunninghamiana $11/25 g, $295/kg

Casuarina glauca $12/25 g, $275/kg

Allocasuarina littoralis $12/25 g, $295/kg

Corymbia maculata $14/25 g, $375/kg

Eucalyptus botryoides $15/25 g, $345/kg

Eucalyptus fibrosa $15/25 g, $395/kg

Eucalyptus pilularis $15/25 g, $360/kg

Eucalyptus saligna $22/25 g, $770/kg

Eucalyptus tereticornis $14/25 g, $375/kg

Gahnia aspera $9/25 g, $179/kg

Gahnia sieberiana $9/25 g, $189/kg

Kennedia rubicunda $14/25 g, $440/kg

Leptospermum laevigatum $32.50/25 g

Leptospermum polygalifolium $9/25 g, $215/kg

Lomandra longifolia $11/25 g, $210/kg

Melaleuca armillaris $10/25 g, $250/kg

Melaleuca ericifolia $10/25 g, $295/kg

Pultenaea villosa $30/25 g, $789/kg

Syncarpia glomulifera $10/25 g, $275/kg

Xanthorrhoea resinosa $19/25 g, $579/kg