Alpinia caerulea Red Back $125/1000 seeds – upcoming collection February/MarchAlpinia caerulea RedBack

Common Name: Atherton Native Ginger

A variety of Alpinia caerulea, the broad green leaves have a red underside. Grows to about 2 m tall, 1 m wide. Prefers light to full shade and grows well indoors, with fragrant white flowers late spring to early summer, followed by blue berries.





Cordyline petiolaris $45/1000 seedsupcoming collection February/MarchCordyline petiolaris 2

Common Name: Broad Leaved Palm Lily

A native Queensland evergreen shrub growing o 5 m with large green leaves on long stems. Flowers are white/lilac followed by red berry clusters. Prefers moist soil and semi-shade, not frost tolerant. Also suitable as an indoor plant.




Cordyline rubra $45/1000 seeds – upcoming collection February/MarchCordyline rubra 1

Common Name: Palm Lily

Native to coastal New South Wales and Queensland from Lismore to Bundaberg. An evergreen shrub to 4 m with large red/purple leaves. Lilac flowers appear in summer followed by panicles of red berries. Very hardy, prefers moist soil and semi-shade. Suitable as an indoor plant.


Cordyline stricta $45/1000 seeds – upcoming collection February/MarchCordyline stricta 1

Common Name: Slender Palm Lily

Native to New South Wales and Queensland, evergreen shrub to 5 m with long, narrow leaves. Summer flowers are followed by purple/black berries on panicles up to 40 cm long. Useful as a screen plant with its tall, narrow habit. Adaptable to a range of situations, full sun to shade, not frost tolerant. Grows well in pots but tends to be a little more compact than plants in the garden.


Alphitonia petriei $52.50/1000 seeds – coming into stock soonAlphitonia petrei 1

Common Name: White Ash

A rainforest tree of eastern and northern Australia. Small tree growing to 20 m although specimens to 40 m have been found. Leaves have a dark, glossy upper surface with fine white hairs on the underside. Small, creamy flowers appear September to November, followed by fruit February to July. Seed and fruit are bird attracting. Prefers moist, slightly shaded positions.


Syzygium australe $85/1000 seeds – upcoming collection FebruarySyzygium australe 1

Common Name: Creek Lilly-Pilly

A native rainforest tree of eastern Australia, coastal New South Wales north of Batemans Bay to Queensland. Grows to 35 m in its natural habitat, in cultivation it is more usually a small/medium shrub to 18 m. Juvenile leaves are bronze, maturing to dark, glossy green leaves. Clusters of powder-puff white flowers are followed by red edible fruits. Prefers full sun to part shade, frost tolerant once established, bird attracting.


Tulbaghia violacea $69/1000 seeds – fresh seed from Brisbane sourceTulbaghia violacea 1

Common Name: Society Garlic

Native to South Africa, a clump forming perennial 60 cm tall, 25 cm wide with grassy foliage. Fragrant purple flowers appear mid-summer to autumn. Edible leaves and flowers have a strong garlic flavour. Good as a groundcover or border, suitable for pots.



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