Waterhousia floribunda $83.50/1000 seeds – fresh collectionWaterhousea floribunda

Common Name: Weeping Lilly Pilly

A medium/large evergreen native rainforest tree of eastern Australia growing to 30 m, smaller in cultivation. Foliage of green leaves with a wavy edge grows in a weeping habit. Panicles of white flowers appear November to January followed by green/pink berries containing a single large seed, maturing January to April. Suitable for large gardens, parks and street plantings, useful as a privacy screen. Attracts bees and nectar feeding birds.



Acacia iteaphylla $14/25 g, $275/kg – now in stockAcacia iteaphylla

Common Name: Flinders Range Wattle

Native to South Australia. A shrub with a weeping habit growing 2 to 5 high and wide. New growth has pink/red tips maturing to green/grey foliage. Yellow flowers appear March to September in spherical clusters. Used as an ornamental in gardens, parks and street plantings. Attracts native birds and insects. Can also be planted as a screen or wind break.



Tristania suaveolens syn Lophostemon suaveolens $10/25 g, $279/kgLophostemon suaveolens 1

Common Name: Swamp Mahogany

Native to Australia and New Guinea. A medium/large evergreen tree 2 to 10 m. White flowers appear October to December attract butterflies. Grows in most soil conditions including swampy situations. A good shelter/shade tree for stock.



Dalbergia latifolia $9/25 g, $150/kg – taking orders for incoming stockDalbergia latifolia 2 Tree

Common Name: Indian Rosewood, Black Rosewood

Native to tropical monsoon forests of south east India, can be evergreen or deciduous depending on climate. Grown as a plantation timber in India and Java. Single trunk with dome shaped crown and dark green foliage growing 20 to 30 m tall. White flowers appear December to March followed by brown seedpods containing 1 to 3 seeds.



Agapanthus praecox Baby Blue $62.50/1000 seeds – upcoming collectionAgapanthus praecox Baby Blue 2

Common Name: Nile Lily

Perennial, clumping, semi-dwarf habit with green strappy leaves growing 40 cm high and wide. Blue flowers on upright stems through Spring and Summer. Flowers best in full sun. Used as a garden ornamental, edging and mass plantings for impact.



Clianthus puniceus Red $135/1000 seeds – upcoming collectionClianthus puniceus 2

Common Name: Kaka Beak

Native to New Zealand’s North Island. Evergreen shrub to 2 m, can be grown as a climber. Flowers are red and named after their resemblance to the beat of the Kaka parrot. Flowers spring to summer in pendulous clusters. Not frost tolerant.



Phormium tenax (green) $32/25 g – upcoming collectionPhormium tenax green 1

Common Name: New Zealand Flax

Native to New Zealand. Grows to 1.5 m tall and wide with a clumping habit. Leaves are large and sword-like. Grows in sun to part shade, is drought tolerant, low maintenance, tolerates coastal conditions and is suitable for garden and container plantings.



Zantedeschia aetheopica White $139/1000 seeds – upcoming collectionZantedeschia aethiopica 1

Common Name: Arum Lily

Native to Africa, South Africa and Swaziland. Grows up to 1 m. Preferred habitat is streams, ponds and waterway banks. Broad, dark green leaves with pure white flowers spring to autumn with a yellow spadix that produces a sweet fragrance. Cultivated ornamental garden and container plant.



Arthropodium cirratum Matapouri Bay $89.50/1000 seeds – fresh harvestArthropodium cirratum

Common Name: New Zealand Rock Lily, Renga Lily

An evergreen, hardy, clumping perennial with large green/blue leaves and pink/white star-shaped flowers in spring and summer. Drought tolerant and suitable for coastal conditions, an ideal specimen for lush tropical landscaping, mass plantings, understorey plantings and containers.



Sophora tetraptera $47.50/25 g, $1575/kg – fresh harvestSophora tetraptera 1

Common Name: Large-leaved Kówhai

Native to New Zealand’s North Island. Grows 10 to 15 m tall with a spreading canopy of green/grey leaves, with occasional pendulous branches. Clusters of drooping yellow flowers appear September to December. Prefers full sun.



Passiflora mollissima $59/1000 seeds – fresh harvestPassiflora mollissima 1 Fruit

Common Name: Banana Passionfruit

Native to central Brazil, in its native habitat it can grow to the tree tops but in cultivation is more compact. A fast growing vine in subtropical and warm-temperate regions. Pink flowers are followed by oval, yellow fruit. The pulp and seeds are edible although considered not as sweet as Passiflora edulis. Prune in spring.


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