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Tabebuia argentea $89.50/1000 seeds – March / April harvestTabebuia argentea 1

Common Name: Caribbean Trumpet Tree

Native to South America, a small tree growing to 8 m tall. Silver/grey foliage is deciduous in dry season. Bright yellow flowers form a mass display during winter/spring when the tree is leafless. Used as an ornamental for subtropical and tropical gardens. Can be grown in containers or as a bonsai. Tolerates salt and drought.


Feijoa sellowiana $93.50/1000 seeds – April harvest, taking orders nowFeijoa sellowiana 2 Fruit

Common Name: Pineapple Guava

Native to South America, an evergreen perennial small tree to 7 m. Pink/red flowers in spring are followed by green fruit mature in autumn with a sweet aromatic flavour likened to fruit salad. Fruit fall from the tree when ripest and at fullest flavour. Prefers warm-temperate to subtropical climates. Flower petals are also edible and are used in salads. Used as an ornamental garden tree, screening, hedging and wind breaks. Moderately salt tolerant.


Acer buergerianum $29.00/25 gramsAcer buergerianum 1 Foliage

Common Name: Trident Maple

Native to eastern China, Japan and Taiwan, a small/medium deciduous tree to 10 m. Autumn foliage is green, red, yellow and orange. Grows upright and slender while young but matures into a rounded tree. Popular for bonsai.


Acer campestre $10.00/25 gramsAcer campestre 2 Foliage

Common Name: Field Maple

Native to Europe, southwest Asia and northern Africa, widely cultivated throughout the world. Deciduous medium tree growing 15 to 25 m with a trunk diameter up to 1 m. Small, dark green leaves turn yellow in autumn. Used as an ornamental tree for parks and gardens and a popular bonsai specimen.


Acer negundo $12.00/25 g or $315.00/kgAcer negundo 2 Foliage

Common Name: Box Elder

Native to North America although highly cultivated and naturalized in most other continents. Fast growing medium tree 10 to 25 m tall and can develop multiple trunks. Used in ornamental plantings for parks and gardens and hedging. Green foliage turns yellow in autumn before falling.


Acer platanoides $12.50/25 gramsAcer platanoides 2 Foliage

Common Name: Norway Maple

Native to eastern and central Europe, western Asia and Scandanavia. A deciduous medium tree growing 20 to 30 m with a trunk up to 1.5 m diameter. In its natural habitat in Norway, trees can live to 250 years old but generally only live to about 60 years old. Autumn colours mainly yellow with some orange and red.


Acer pseudoplatanus $12.00/25 gramsAcer pseudoplatanus 2 Foliage

Common Name: Sycamore Maple

Native to central Europe and western Asia, a large deciduous tree growing to 35 m with broad leaves. Timber is used for musical instruments, furniture, flooring and firewood. An ornamental park and large garden tree. Tolerates wind and coastal exposure.


Zelkova serrata $17.00/25 gZelkova serrata 1 Tree

Common Name: Japanese Elm

Native to Japan, Korea, Taiwan and eastern China. A medium deciduous tree growing to 30 m with a short trunk and spreading canopy in mature trees. Dark green leaves turn to yellow, orange and red in autumn. Used as an ornamental tree in parks in gardens, providing good shade when in foliage, also a popular bonsai specimen. Prefers a cool climate, full sun to part shade.


Ophiopogon jaburan $115.00/1000 seeds – fresh seed in stock, limited quantity availableOphiopogon jaburan 2 Flowers

Common Name: Giant Lilyturf

Native to Japan, a larger version of its relative Ophiopogon japonicas (Mondo Grass), with a clumping habit to 30 m. Dark green foliage with small white flowers in summer followed by blue berries containing a single seed. Uses include groundcover, mass planting, edging and understorey. Prefers semi-shade.


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