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Cycas revoluta $575.00/1000 seeds – available in stockCycas revoluta 1

Common Name: Sago Palm

The most popular cycad in cultivation. Native to southern Japan, slow growing, dioecious. Dark, rigid, glossy green leaves grow in a crown on a thick trunk. Used as an ornamental plant for gardens, is also a source of sago. Prefers warm temperate to subtropical climates with well-drained soil.


Brachychiton discolor $11.00/25 g – now in stockBrachychiton discolor 1

Common Name: Lacebark, Pink Kurrajong

A rainforest tree of eastern Australia from Newcastle to Mackay, growing up to 30 m. Deciduous prior to flowering. Deep pink bell-shaped flowers with no petals appear November to February. Used as an ornamental plant for parks and large gardens. Prefers a sunny, well-drained position but will tolerate a range of soil conditions. Frost tolerant once established.


Arthropodium cirratum Matapouri Bay $89.50/1000 seeds – now in stockArthropodium cirratum

Common Name: New Zealand Rock Lily, Renga Lily

An evergreen, hardy, clumping perennial with large green/blue leaves and pink/white star-shaped flowers in spring and summer. Drought tolerant and suitable for coastal conditions, an ideal specimen for lush tropical landscaping, mass plantings, understorey plantings and containers.


Cordyline stricta $45.00/1000 seeds – now in stockCordyline stricta 1

Common Name: Slender Palm Lily

Native to south east Queensland and north east New South Wales. An upright plant with narrow, strappy green leaves that fall away from the stem and it grows. In the garden it can grow to 5 m with branching and denser growth however in pots is more likely to grow 2 to 3 m with a more compact habit. Purple panicles of flowers appear in summer, 20 to 40 cm long, followed by black berries. A popular ornamental for gardens and landscaping, grows in sun or shade, prefers moist conditions but is drought tolerant once established. Sensitive to frost.


Bothriochloa macra $120.00/kg – upcoming fresh collectionBothriochloa macra 1

Common Name: Redgrass

Native to eastern Australia and New Zealand. A perennial, low growing tussock grass. Slender red stems bearing flowers grow to 1 m during summer and autumn. Highly drought tolerant, regenerates after fire, frost sensitive, long lived and benefits from grazing. Noted for soil conservation in waterways and grazed pastures.