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Syzygium paniculatum $42.50/1000 seedsupcoming fresh collectionSyzygium paniculatum 1

Common Name: Magenta Lilly Pilly

A dense, bushy rainforest tree with glossy green leaves, native to New South Wales, growing to 15 m. Clusters of white flowers are followed magenta fruit. Fruit is edible with a sour apple flavour, eaten fresh or cooked as jam.



Jagera pseudorhus $82.50/1000 seedsupcoming fresh collectionJagera pseudorhus 2

Common Name: Foambark

A rainforest tree native to north eastern Australia and Papua New Guinea, growing to 30 m tall in its natural habitat but generally smaller in cultivation. Panicles of yellow/brown flowers appear March to May followed by fruit enclosed in a hairy capsule that matures from pink to brown. The fruit attracts birds including King Parrots.



Philodendron bipinnatifidum syn. selloum $35.00/1000 seedsjust arrived in stockPhilodendron bipinnatifidum

Common Name: Tree Philodendron

A tropical plants native to South America. The leaves are the most notable feature – large, lobed and deep green colour, they can grow up to 1.5 m long on the ends on long smooth stems. Prefers sun but tolerates shade however direct hot sun can scorch the leaves. An ornamental plant for tropical gardens and can be grown indoors in containers with adequate light.



Tristaniopsis laurina $10/25 g, $260/kgnow in stockTristaniopsis laurina 1

Common Name: Kanooka

Endemic to the east coast of Australia from Brisbane to Gippsland region. Growing 5 to 15 m tall, found along creek banks and open rainforest. Suitable for large gardens and street trees (popular in Sydney). Flower clusters are cream to yellow/orange, January to February, attracting honeybees and native bees. Seeds germinate in three to four weeks, no pretreatment required.



Dracena draco $63.50/1000 seedsavailable in stockDracaena draco 1

Common Name: Dragon Tree

Native to the Canary Islands and western Morocco. Slow growing and long lived with some specimens estimated to be 250 to 360 years old. Produces a spike of white perfumed flowers that are followed by red berries. Widely cultivated as an ornamental tree for parks and gardens and architectural landscaping. Drought tolerant.


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