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Acacia bancroftiorum syn A. bancroftii - Bancroft Wattle 

A shrub/slender tree to 6m, often growing in shallow soil on rocky hillsides in Eucalypt woodland.  Distributed from South East to East Central Queensland, flowers are pale yellow/golden from May to June.

Eucalyptus populnea - Bimblebox/Poplar Box 

A tall tree with brownish grey fibrous bark, low branching and large crown but sometimes multi trunked.  Leaves are a glossy green and white flowers.  This species is native to Eastern and South Queensland and the Western Plains of New South Wales, having a widespread distribution, often dominant in grassy woodland.

Leptospermum polygalifolium syn L. flavescens - Tantoon/Yellow Tea Tree

A variable shrub to 3m or small tree to 7m with light green leaves and a profusion of white flowers in late Spring to Summer.  This species has a wide distribution from Cape York in Far North Queensland to the South Coast of New South Wales.  It is suitable as a hedge, screening plant and even as a river stabiliser.