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Agapanthus africanus Peter Pan Blue $50.00/1000 seedsAgapanthus Peter Pan 2

Common Name: Agapanthus Peter Pan

Perennial, evergreen compact to 60 cm high. Blue flowers on tall stems appear late spring to early summer. Remove old flowers to encourage new blooms. Suitable for borders, full sun, well-drained soil, grows well in containers. Attracts bees.



Agapanthus africanus Queen Anne $37.00/1000 seedsAgapanthus Queen Anne 2

Common Name: Agapanthus Queen Anne

Perennial, evergreen, clumping habit 50 to 80 cm. Blue flowers appear in spring/summer. Suitable for mixed borders, pots and mass plantings. Hardy, low maintenance, remove old flowers to encourage new blooms. Prefers full sun to part shade, tolerates frost, drought and coastal conditions. Attracts insects and butterflies.



Agapanthus praecox Getty White $39.50/1000 seedsAgapanthus Getty White2

Common Name: Agapanthus Getty White

Perennial, evergreen, clumping habit, foliage to 50 cm. Large white flowers appear spring to summer on stems to 1 m tall. Suitable for borders, mass plantings and containers. Full sun to part shade.



Chamaedorea atrovirens syn cataracturum $59.50/1000 seedsChamaedorea atrovirens 1

Common Name: Cascade Palm

Multi-stemmed, clumping palm, grows to 2 m outdoors, to 1 m indoors in good light. Glossy, dark green foliage for tropical and subtropical gardens, containers and privacy screens. Prefers part shade to full shade.



Dioon edule $249.00/1000 seedsDioon edule 1

Common Name: Chestnut Dioon

Cycad native to Mexico, grows to 1.8 m high and to 2.5 m wide although very old specimens can grow to 3 m tall. Blue/green leaves up to 160 cm long form a crown on top of the trunk. Evergreen, dioecious, will grow in sun and shade with good drainage. Drought tolerant and salt tolerant. Suitable to architectural landscaping, low maintentance.



Dioon spinulosum $925.00/1000 seedsDioon spinulosum 1

Common Name: Giant Dioon

Cycad native to Mexico, grows to 12 m, one of the tallest cycad species. Blue/green leaves 1.5 to 2 m long form a crown on top of the trunk. Evergreen, dioecious, grows in full sun to part shade. Drought and frost tolerant, low maintenance.



Zamia furfuracea $93.50/1000 seedsZamia furfuracea 2

Common Name: Cardboard Cycad

Native to Mexico. The short trunk grows to about 20 cm with a leaf crown up to 1.5 m tall and 2 m wide, each leaf 50 to 150 cm long. Can only be propagated by seed. Evergreen, dioecious, grows in full sun to part shade. Can tolerate drought and salt but protect from cold. Suitable for architectural landscaping, low maintenance.



Zamia pumila $275.00/1000 seedsZamia pumila syn floridana 1

Common Name: Coontie Palm

Native to the West Indies. Leaves 60 to 120 cm long crown a short trunk up to 25 cm which often grows underground. Older specimens eventually form a multi-branch cluster. Evergreen, dioecious, grows in full sun to part shade.



Robinia pseudoacacia $9.00/25 g, $179.00/kgRobinia pseudoacacia 2 Flower

Common Name: Black Locust

Medium, deciduous, legume tree native to North America, growing 10 to 17 cm tall with an upright, straight trunk. Young trees may produce spines at the leaf bases, generally not found in mature trees. Cream/white flowers appear early summer, very fragrant racemes 10 to 20 cm long with a scent of orange blossoms.



Indigofera tinctoria $15.00/25 g, $295.00/kgIndigofera tinctoria 1

Common Name: True Indigo

Legume growing 1 to 2 m high, annual or perennial depending on the climate. Native habitat is unknown as it has been in cultivation around the world for many centuries. The original source of indigo dye, extracted from the leaves. Racemes of pink/violet flowers. Widely grown as a soil-improving groundcover. Prefers tropical and subtropical climates.



Mimusops elengi $9.00/25 g, $159.00/kgMimusops elengi 1

Common Name: Spanish Cherry

Medium evergreen tree of the tropical forests of south-east Asia and northern Australia. Grows to 15 m tall with a dense canopy that provides heavy shade with fragrant cream/white flowers. The timber is valuable and fruit is edible, used in Ayuverdic medicine. Grows in full sun to full shade in moist soil. Drought tolerant.



Punica granatum $11.00/25 g, $225.00/kgPunica granatum 1

Common Name: Pomegranate

Deciduous shrub growing 5 to 10 m, originating from around Iran and northern India, has been in cultivation for hundreds of years and can live long with some specimens in France around 200 years old. Red flowers are followed by fruit in March to April. Grown for the fruit it is also used as an ornamental specimen in gardens and parks. Drought tolerant and moderately frost tolerant.



Santalum album $9.00/25 g, $169.50/kgSantalum album 1

Common Name: Indian Sandalwood

A small evergreen tree growing 4 to 9 m, native to southern Indian and south-east Asia. The most common source of sandalwood and oil, used in medicine, perfume and incense. Brown/purple flowers appear December to April followed by fruit that ripens to purple/black. Can live up to 100 years old. Prefers a tropical climate and likes to be planted near legumes for a source of nitrogen.



Gliricidia sepium $10.00/25 g, $189.00/kgGliricidia sepium 1

Common Name: Quickstick

Medium legume tree growing 10 to 12 m with an open canopy. Native to Mexico and Central America, deciduous in areas with a dry season. Nectar rich bright pink/lilac flowers appear on the ends of leafless branches. Fruit 10 to 15 cm long ripens to yellow/brown, containing about 4 to 10 seeds. Prefers subtropical and tropical climates. Plantation uses include green manure, fodder, intercropping and soil stabilization. The abundant floral display makes this a stunning ornamental for gardens and parks.



Sesbania grandiflora $9.00/25 g, $179.00/kgSesbania grandiflora 1

Common Name: Hummingbird Tree

Fast growing small legume tree with an open canopy growing 8 to 10 m. Native to south-east Asia and northern Australia. Large pea-shaped flowers appear all year round. Uses include ornamental for floral display, green manure, edible leaves, flowers and pods are used in Asian cuisine. Prefers a sunny position, shelter from strong winds, frost sensitive.



Schizolobium parahybum $12.00/25 g, $197.50/kgSchizolobium parahybum 5 Tree

Common Name: Brazilian Firetree

Native to tropical South America, fast growing to 40 m with a single, straight trunk up to 80 cm diameter, branching only at the top of the tree. Nectar producing flowers appear October to December in masses. Prefers full sun and open position.



Backhousia citriodora $25/25 g, $720.00/kgBackhousia citriodora 1

Common Name: Lemon Myrtle

Native to subtropical rainforests of central and south east Queensland. Can grow to 6 m but usually smaller with a dense canopy. Creamy white flower clusters appear summer to autumn. The source of lemon myrtle essential oil, leaves are also used fresh or as dried flakes in cooking and is a traditional bush food. Low maintenance, coastal and drought tolerant.



Brachychiton australis $15.00/25 g, $295.00/kgBrachychiton australis 1

Common Name: Broad-Leaved Bottle Tree

Native to eastern Australia growing to 5 m. Deciduous, leafless from June to August when white scented flowers appear. The characteristic bulbous trunk tapering towards the top of the tree is where the ‘bottle’ tree name comes from. Once established they are very drought resistant. Suitable for parks, gardens and containers with a non-invasive root system.




Brachychiton rupestris $25.00/25 g, $875.00/kgBrachychiton rupestris 1

Common Name: Queensland Bottle Tree

Native to Queensland, the characteristic bulbous trunk can grow up to 3.5 m in diameter and 10 to 25 m tall. Deciduous from September to December when creamy flowers appear, followed by seed pods November to May. Farmers and pastoralists use the native trees as shade and fodder for livestock. Adapts well to cultivation in a range of soil types, used as a street tree, in parks and large gardens as well as bonsai specimens. Prefers full sun and well-drained soil.




Waterhousia floribunda $83.50/1000 seeds – fresh collectionWaterhousea floribunda

Common Name: Weeping Lilly Pilly

A medium/large evergreen native rainforest tree of eastern Australia growing to 30 m, smaller in cultivation. Foliage of green leaves with a wavy edge grows in a weeping habit. Panicles of white flowers appear November to January followed by green/pink berries containing a single large seed, maturing January to April. Suitable for large gardens, parks and street plantings, useful as a privacy screen. Attracts bees and nectar feeding birds.



Acacia iteaphylla $14/25 g, $275/kg – now in stockAcacia iteaphylla

Common Name: Flinders Range Wattle

Native to South Australia. A shrub with a weeping habit growing 2 to 5 high and wide. New growth has pink/red tips maturing to green/grey foliage. Yellow flowers appear March to September in spherical clusters. Used as an ornamental in gardens, parks and street plantings. Attracts native birds and insects. Can also be planted as a screen or wind break.



Tristania suaveolens syn Lophostemon suaveolens $10/25 g, $279/kgLophostemon suaveolens 1

Common Name: Swamp Mahogany

Native to Australia and New Guinea. A medium/large evergreen tree 2 to 10 m. White flowers appear October to December attract butterflies. Grows in most soil conditions including swampy situations. A good shelter/shade tree for stock.



Dalbergia latifolia $9/25 g, $150/kg – taking orders for incoming stockDalbergia latifolia 2 Tree

Common Name: Indian Rosewood, Black Rosewood

Native to tropical monsoon forests of south east India, can be evergreen or deciduous depending on climate. Grown as a plantation timber in India and Java. Single trunk with dome shaped crown and dark green foliage growing 20 to 30 m tall. White flowers appear December to March followed by brown seedpods containing 1 to 3 seeds.



Agapanthus praecox Baby Blue $62.50/1000 seeds – upcoming collectionAgapanthus praecox Baby Blue 2

Common Name: Nile Lily

Perennial, clumping, semi-dwarf habit with green strappy leaves growing 40 cm high and wide. Blue flowers on upright stems through Spring and Summer. Flowers best in full sun. Used as a garden ornamental, edging and mass plantings for impact.



Clianthus puniceus Red $135/1000 seeds – upcoming collectionClianthus puniceus 2

Common Name: Kaka Beak

Native to New Zealand’s North Island. Evergreen shrub to 2 m, can be grown as a climber. Flowers are red and named after their resemblance to the beat of the Kaka parrot. Flowers spring to summer in pendulous clusters. Not frost tolerant.



Phormium tenax (green) $32/25 g – upcoming collectionPhormium tenax green 1

Common Name: New Zealand Flax

Native to New Zealand. Grows to 1.5 m tall and wide with a clumping habit. Leaves are large and sword-like. Grows in sun to part shade, is drought tolerant, low maintenance, tolerates coastal conditions and is suitable for garden and container plantings.



Zantedeschia aetheopica White $139/1000 seeds – upcoming collectionZantedeschia aethiopica 1

Common Name: Arum Lily

Native to Africa, South Africa and Swaziland. Grows up to 1 m. Preferred habitat is streams, ponds and waterway banks. Broad, dark green leaves with pure white flowers spring to autumn with a yellow spadix that produces a sweet fragrance. Cultivated ornamental garden and container plant.



Arthropodium cirratum Matapouri Bay $89.50/1000 seeds – fresh harvestArthropodium cirratum

Common Name: New Zealand Rock Lily, Renga Lily

An evergreen, hardy, clumping perennial with large green/blue leaves and pink/white star-shaped flowers in spring and summer. Drought tolerant and suitable for coastal conditions, an ideal specimen for lush tropical landscaping, mass plantings, understorey plantings and containers.



Sophora tetraptera $47.50/25 g, $1575/kg – fresh harvestSophora tetraptera 1

Common Name: Large-leaved Kówhai

Native to New Zealand’s North Island. Grows 10 to 15 m tall with a spreading canopy of green/grey leaves, with occasional pendulous branches. Clusters of drooping yellow flowers appear September to December. Prefers full sun.



Passiflora mollissima $59/1000 seeds – fresh harvestPassiflora mollissima 1 Fruit

Common Name: Banana Passionfruit

Native to central Brazil, in its native habitat it can grow to the tree tops but in cultivation is more compact. A fast growing vine in subtropical and warm-temperate regions. Pink flowers are followed by oval, yellow fruit. The pulp and seeds are edible although considered not as sweet as Passiflora edulis. Prune in spring.


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Alpinia caerulea Red Back $125/1000 seeds – upcoming collection February/MarchAlpinia caerulea RedBack

Common Name: Atherton Native Ginger

A variety of Alpinia caerulea, the broad green leaves have a red underside. Grows to about 2 m tall, 1 m wide. Prefers light to full shade and grows well indoors, with fragrant white flowers late spring to early summer, followed by blue berries.





Cordyline petiolaris $45/1000 seedsupcoming collection February/MarchCordyline petiolaris 2

Common Name: Broad Leaved Palm Lily

A native Queensland evergreen shrub growing o 5 m with large green leaves on long stems. Flowers are white/lilac followed by red berry clusters. Prefers moist soil and semi-shade, not frost tolerant. Also suitable as an indoor plant.




Cordyline rubra $45/1000 seeds – upcoming collection February/MarchCordyline rubra 1

Common Name: Palm Lily

Native to coastal New South Wales and Queensland from Lismore to Bundaberg. An evergreen shrub to 4 m with large red/purple leaves. Lilac flowers appear in summer followed by panicles of red berries. Very hardy, prefers moist soil and semi-shade. Suitable as an indoor plant.


Cordyline stricta $45/1000 seeds – upcoming collection February/MarchCordyline stricta 1

Common Name: Slender Palm Lily

Native to New South Wales and Queensland, evergreen shrub to 5 m with long, narrow leaves. Summer flowers are followed by purple/black berries on panicles up to 40 cm long. Useful as a screen plant with its tall, narrow habit. Adaptable to a range of situations, full sun to shade, not frost tolerant. Grows well in pots but tends to be a little more compact than plants in the garden.


Alphitonia petriei $52.50/1000 seeds – coming into stock soonAlphitonia petrei 1

Common Name: White Ash

A rainforest tree of eastern and northern Australia. Small tree growing to 20 m although specimens to 40 m have been found. Leaves have a dark, glossy upper surface with fine white hairs on the underside. Small, creamy flowers appear September to November, followed by fruit February to July. Seed and fruit are bird attracting. Prefers moist, slightly shaded positions.


Syzygium australe $85/1000 seeds – upcoming collection FebruarySyzygium australe 1

Common Name: Creek Lilly-Pilly

A native rainforest tree of eastern Australia, coastal New South Wales north of Batemans Bay to Queensland. Grows to 35 m in its natural habitat, in cultivation it is more usually a small/medium shrub to 18 m. Juvenile leaves are bronze, maturing to dark, glossy green leaves. Clusters of powder-puff white flowers are followed by red edible fruits. Prefers full sun to part shade, frost tolerant once established, bird attracting.


Tulbaghia violacea $69/1000 seeds – fresh seed from Brisbane sourceTulbaghia violacea 1

Common Name: Society Garlic

Native to South Africa, a clump forming perennial 60 cm tall, 25 cm wide with grassy foliage. Fragrant purple flowers appear mid-summer to autumn. Edible leaves and flowers have a strong garlic flavour. Good as a groundcover or border, suitable for pots.



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Dear Customers

The recent tragic fire event of the New South Wales and Victorian coastline are such that little plant material remains unscathed.

The following primary colonisers are mentioned as species that could be propagated as a means of species recovery – seed stocks are available in all cases.


Acacia boormanii $12/25 g, $295/kg

Acacia suaveolens $14/25 g, $390/kg

Banksia integrifolia $65/1000 seeds

Callistemon citrinus $12/25 g, $275/kg

Callistemon salignus $11/25 g, $275/kg

Casuarina cunninghamiana $11/25 g, $295/kg

Casuarina glauca $12/25 g, $275/kg

Allocasuarina littoralis $12/25 g, $295/kg

Corymbia maculata $14/25 g, $375/kg

Eucalyptus botryoides $15/25 g, $345/kg

Eucalyptus fibrosa $15/25 g, $395/kg

Eucalyptus pilularis $15/25 g, $360/kg

Eucalyptus saligna $22/25 g, $770/kg

Eucalyptus tereticornis $14/25 g, $375/kg

Gahnia aspera $9/25 g, $179/kg

Gahnia sieberiana $9/25 g, $189/kg

Kennedia rubicunda $14/25 g, $440/kg

Leptospermum laevigatum $32.50/25 g

Leptospermum polygalifolium $9/25 g, $215/kg

Lomandra longifolia $11/25 g, $210/kg

Melaleuca armillaris $10/25 g, $250/kg

Melaleuca ericifolia $10/25 g, $295/kg

Pultenaea villosa $30/25 g, $789/kg

Syncarpia glomulifera $10/25 g, $275/kg

Xanthorrhoea resinosa $19/25 g, $579/kg