Saraca indica 1Saraca indica $9.00/25 g, $189.00/kg

Common Name: Ashoka Tree, Jonesia Tree

Small, erect evergreen tree with a compact habit up to 10 m tall, native to India. Profusions of orange/red/yellow flowers January to February in clusters, more fragrant in the evening, are followed by pods of purple fruits. A hardy ornamental used for street plantings.



Passiflora edulis 1Passiflora edulis $30.00/25 g, $950.00/kg

Common Name: Passionfruit

Native to Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, Passiflora edulis is a vigorous, long-lived, perennial vine with glossy, green leaves and coiling tendrils that support its climbing habit. Passiflora edulis is frost tender and can die off in winter but will regrow in spring. The striking flowers, appearing November through January, are 5 to 7 cm diameter. Passiflora edulis is cultivated for its fruit – sweet, yellow, juicy pulp with black seeds – delicious in many dishes including desserts, preserves and cocktails.


Arthropodium cirratumArthropodium cirratum Matapouri Bay $89.50/1000 seeds 

Common Name: New Zealand Rock Lily, Renga Renga Lily

An evergreen, hardy, clumping perennial with large green/blue leaves and pink/white star-shaped flowers in spring and summer. Drought tolerant and suitable for coastal conditions, an ideal specimen for lush tropical landscaping, mass plantings, understorey plantings and containers.



Genista monosperma 1Genista monosperma $14.00/25 g, $380/kg

syn Retama monosperma

Common Name: Bridal Veil Broom

An evergreen shrub/small tree growing to 4 m high and spreading to 3 m with a weeping habit. Masses of fragrant white flowers appear in spring. Prefers full sun/part shade and is frost tolerant.


Eucalyptys smithii 1Eucalyptus smithii $45.00/25 g, $1595.00/kg

Common Name: Blackbutt Peppermint

Native to Victoria and New South Wales. Grows to 45 m or a mallee to 5 m. The leaves are a source of Eucalyptus oil. Named after Henry George Smith, a chemist known for his pioneering work on essential oils of Eucalyptus species and other Australian flora.






Eucalyptus saligna 1Eucalyptus saligna $22.00/25 g, $770/kg

Common Name: Sydney Blue Gum

Coastal New South Wales and Qld from Sydney to Maryborough, growing 30 to 55 m. Used as a plantation timber, the trunks grow straight and tall with smooth, pale grey/white bark. White flowers appear December to February. Trees have been known to live over 200 years.





Foliage, Flowers and Fruit!


Murraya exotica flowersMurraya exotica $62.50 / 1000 seeds

Common Name: Mock Orange

An evergreen shrub to 3 m with small glossy leaves. Native to south-east Asia and China, prefers sun or part shade and tolerates coastal conditions and moderate drought. Heavily scented white flowers in spring and summer attract bees, followed by small red berries which attract birds. Used as an ornamental garden plant or hedge.




Punica granatum 1Punica granatum $11.00/25 g, $225/kg

Common Name: Pomegranate

A fruiting shrub native to India and Iran growing to 4 m. Hardy ornamental suited to most soil types and used as feature plants, hedging, container plants and bonsai specimens. Large flowers are followed by hard skinned round fruit containing translucent red arils. The flesh is sweet/tart surrounding edible seeds. The fruit stores well in cool/dry storage and continues to sweeten.




Rhoeo discolor 1Rhoeo discolor $120/1000 seeds

Common Name: Moses in the Cradle

Growing up to 30 cm in a clumping habit, in rosettes of green leaves with contrasting purple underside. White flowers appear throughout the year. Tolerates dry conditions, is very hardy and low maintenance. Used as a groundcover, edging and pot plant.



Schefflera arboricola

Schefflera arboricola $25/1000 seeds

Common Name: Dwarf Umbrella Tree

An evergreen tropical tree growing to 2 m, native to eastern Asia with glossy green leaves. Hardy and low maintenance, preferring well-lit but indirect sun light. Long panicles of white/green flowers are followed by berries that are purple when ripe. Ideal bonsai or houseplant.



Nandina domestica 1Nandina domestica $25/1000 seeds

Common Name: Heavenly Bamboo, Sacred Bamboo

Native to eastern Asia, the Himalayas and Japan, despite the name, is not a bamboo. An erect, evergreen shrub growing to 2 m tall, spreading 1.5 m, sometimes deciduous in colder climates. New foliage in spring is pink/red turning to green while older leaves turn red/purple before falling. Clusters of white flowers appear in early summer followed by bright red berries. Hardy, low maintenance shrub and popular landscape specimen.




Clivia miniata Belgium Hybrids - order now for upcoming collections!


Clivia darkredDark Red $635/1000 seeds            

Clivia orangeOrange $635/1000 seeds

Clivia yellowYellow $635/1000 seeds

Clivia peachPeach $635/1000 seeds

Clivia very broadleafExtra Broad Leaf $795/1000 seeds

Clivia variegataVariegata $997.50/1000 





Allamanda neriifolia $179.00/1000 seeds

Common Name: Bush Allamanda

Native to Brazil, Allamanda neriifolia is an evergreen, ornamental shrub growing 1.5 to 3 m tall with a spread of about 2 m. Fast growing in full sun or partial shade in the garden or pots/tubs. Large yellow flowers appear all year, most predominantly in spring, followed by spiny fruit pods in summer.


Lagerstroemia indica $12.00/25 g (Pink and White Mix)

Common Name: Crepe Myrtle

Native throughout Asia from Japan to India, Lagerstroemia indica is a deciduous tree growing to 6 m tall. A showy ornamental garden specimen that sheds its bark after summer, revealing a smooth and attractively mottled trunk. Flowers appear mid to late summer. Lagerstroemia indica prefers full sun, is frost tolerant and drought hardy once established. Grows in most soil conditions.


Caesalpinia pulcherrima $13.00/25 g, $249.00/kg

Common Name: Dwarf Poinciana

Caesalpinia pulcherrima is endemic to the tropics and subtropics of the Americas. A shrub growing to 3 m, it is sensitive to cold but will regrow mid to late spring, preferring warm climates with mild winters. Flowers throughout the year are red/yellow/orange and attract butterflies. Caesalpinia pulcherrima makes a striking ornamental garden specimen as a feature plant or hedge planting.

Caesalpinia pulcherrima 2 Flowers