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Acacia holosericea - Candelabra Wattle / Silky Wattle / Silver Leaved Wattle / Soapbush Wattle 

A spreading shrub to 4m with yellow rod shaped flowers in Winter followed by masses of twisted seed pods which persist and feature even after the seed has dropped.  This wattle has a beautiful grey-green foliage and appearing to have a velvety texture from the white appressed hairs on each leaf.  This species occurs and is distributed in Queensland, Northern Territory and northern Western Australia.  It is a particularly usefule specimen, not only for its appearance but for rehabilitation projects as it is quick growing.

Corymbia ficifolia syn Eucalyptus ficifolia - Red Flowering Gum

A tree which may reach 10m but very often smaller with dark glossy green leaves and rough persistant brown to grey-brown bark.  This species is widely grown for its spectacular red flowers (although there can be some variation in colour, sometimes bright red to orange-pink) which are highly ornamental and also important to bees and birds.

Lomandra longifolia - Spiny-Head Mat Rush / Basketgrass

An Australian native perennial rhizomatous herb with glossy green strappy leaves and these are usually longer than the flower stalk - which is usually half the length. Flowers are scented, cream coloured and occur in Spring and Summer.  This is a low maintenance plant - very tolerant to drought, pest and diseases and one of the best choices for riverbank stabilisation.

Acacia decora - Showy Wattle / Western Silver Wattle / Western Golden Wattle 

Usually a many branched shrub, 1-3m tall with blue-green leaves and golden yellow globular flowers from late Winter to early Spring.  It has a widespread distribution in eastern Australia from north Queensland through NSW and to Wangaratta, Victoria.  This is a widespread and important component in woodland communites as an understory plant and a good choice for revegetation projects, including mine sites and roadsides.

Corymbia tessellaris - Carbeen / Moreton Bay Ash / Blackbutt 

A ghost gum to 35m with rough bark on the lower 1-4m of trunk, tessellated dark grey changing to white/cream smooth bark and even sometimes powdery.  This has a widespread distribution in north east Australia from north and north west of Narrabri, New South Wales, over much of eastern Queensland from Charleville to the tip of Cape York, also occurring on some islands in Torres Strait and southern New Guinea.  Green to grey-green leaves, can be dull or glossy and white flowers from July to January, followed by 3 valved fruit containing reddish brown seed.

Leptospermum lanigerum - Silky Tea Tree 

A variable shrub or tree - it can be a large spreading or erect to 3m, columnar shrub to 3m or if from Tasmania, a long slender tree to 18m.  This is frost hardy and adaptable to a wide range of soils and conditions with pretty dull green-silvery foliage and white flowers in early Summer.  This species is distributed throughout New South Wales, Canberra, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

Acacia baileyana - Cootamundra Wattle 

This is a hardy small tree to 10m, adaptable to a wide range of climates and soils as long as they are well drained and in a sunny aspect. This species retails its fern-like bipinnate grey-green foliage throughout its life and it's widely planted in Australia and overseas.  Bright yellow fluffy globular flowers appear in Winter to Spring.

Eucalyptus cloeziana - Gympie Messmate / Messmate / Dead Finish

A medium to tall tree which produces a strong, hard and extremely durable timber useful for heavy engineering construction, railway sleepers, mine timber, posts and poles.  This plant has rough fibrous bark and white flowers.

Grevillea robusta - Silky Oak 

A fast growing single stemmed tree to 30m with dark grey furrowed bark, classic Grevillea style foliage, green on upper sides and pale below and bright orange flowers occur from October to November.  This species is distributed in northern New South Wales and south Queensland. close to the coast and going up to 150km inland.  This is a popular choice in warm temperate and tropical highlands around the world as it is a very attractive ornamental which can also provide timber, poles, firewood, shade and nectar for honey production.

Acacia cowleana - Halls Creek Wattle 

A shrub to small tree to 8m tall with fibrous bark, fissured toward the base of trunk, large sickle shaped leaves and bright yellow flowers occuring as elongated spikes in Winter to Spring.  It is distributed throughout Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland and northern New South Wales, growing mainly along banks of seasonal creeks.

Eucalyptus albens - White Box

A tree to 25m with rough bark on most or all of the trunk, dull blue-green to blue-grey leaves and white flowers.  Occuring in South East Queensland, throughout the Western Slopes of New South Wales to Eastern Victoria and a small population in the Southern Flinders Range of South Australia, usually on more elevated, stony sites.  It's uses include, land rehabilitation, construction, fencing, fuel and honey production.

Hardenbergia violacea - Native Sarsparilla / Purple Coral Pea 

A very popular ornamental, usually a moderately vigorous climbing plant, although there are some shrub type forms that are known. Leaves are a dark glossy green, flowers appear in Winter to Spring, usually violet but pink and other colours are sometimes found.  It is hardy, adaptable to most soils and prefers a sunny aspect for best flowering.  Widespread along the coast and adjacent ranges in Eastern and Southern States on the mainland from Mackay and also in South Australia.  A great choice as an ornamental and for land revegetation projects.