Araucaria heterophyllaAraucaria heterophylla

We are very pleased to announce a likely crop of Araucaria heterophylla for supply late May and June at the special price of AU$ 109.50 per 1000 ex warehouse excluding GST.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Please assess your requirements and advise as we have to muster a collection force to ensure we collect the seed virtually as it falls to ensure optimal freshness and viability.

Clivia miniata Belgian Hybrids

Last week we also sent out a News Flash covering our range of Clivia seed available for late May and June shipment

– this is top quality seed at cheaper pricing than last year, please notify your requirements as soon as possible, thank you.

Clivia orange Clivia peach Clivia compacta Clivia yellow Clivia darkred Clivia very broadleaf Clivia variegata



























End of Financial Year Stocktake Reminder

An advance warning of our stocktaking closure, we will be shut June 26, 29 and 30, thank you.


Castanospermum australecast aust flower

We are offering Blackbean (Castanospermum australe) @ $179.50 ex warehouse, please contact us to secure your order for 2015.


An update on AustraBlend® Pty Ltdhands

Last week we were busy loading twenty two shipping containers filled with AustraBlend®Multi Mineral Soil Conditioner for shipment to the UAE.  For us, this was a particularly pleasing event, vindicating the hard work and expense that preceded the shipment for nearly eight years!  I am going to travel to the Middle East late May to be present when the vessel arrives and the product is out turned as the root zone ameliorant for a prominentPolo field construction.


Mike Farrar


May June Specials

Fresh Harvest May June 2015


A hemi   Acmena hemilampra @ $130/1000sds
Acmena smithii    Acmena smithii @ $57/1000sds
Adenium obesum    Adenium obesum @ $289/1000sds
Araucaria heterophylla    Araucaria heterophylla @ $109.50/1000sds
Atalaya hemigluaca    Atalaya hemiglauca @ $9/25g & 129.50/kg
 Enchylaena tomentosa    Enchylaena tomentosa @ $13/25g & $195/kg
 Flindersia australis    Flindersia australis @ $17/25g & 379/kg
 Pandanus tectorius fruit    Pandanus tectorius @ $275/1000sds







































Dear Customers,

Herewith our promotional newsflash for this year’s range of Belgian Hybrid Clivia’s which will be available for sale from May onwards subject to your reply within 14 days please.

We have been able to offer seed this year at lower prices than in the past reflecting a favourable currency exchange and trust that this may lead to increased sales for us mutually.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Clivia orange Clivia miniata Belgian Hybrid Orange @ $525/1000sds
Clivia peach Clivia miniata Belgian Hybrid Peach @ $570/1000sds
Clivia compacta Clivia miniata Belgian Hybrid Comapacta @ $570/1000sds
Clivia darkred Clivia miniata Belgian Hybrid Red @ $570/1000sds
Clivia yellow Clivia miniata Belgian Hybrid Yellow @ $570/1000sds
Clivia very broadleaf Clivia miniata Belgian Hybrid Broadleaf @ $725/1000sds
Clivia variegata Clivia miniata Belgian Hybrid Variegata @ $997.50/1000sds

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Wednesday 21.4.15