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Asparagus meyerii $150.00/1000 seeds – available in stock soon Asparagus meyeri 1

Common Name: Asparagus Fern, Basket Fern

Native to southern Africa, a compact, clumping evergreen with needle-like leaves growing 60 to 80 cm high. Not frost tolerant. Suitable for coastal gardens in subtropical and tropical climates in hanging baskets, containers or as a groundcover in gardens. Drought resistant, low maintenance, prefers full sun to part shade



Adansonia digitata $13.00/25 g, $325.00/kg – available in stock soonAdansonia digitata

Common Name: Monkey-bread Boabab

Native to Africa, typically found in the dry, hot sub-Saharan savannahs where their presence indicates a source of water. Grows 5 to 25 m high and the bottle-shaped trunk can grow 10 to 14 m diameter. Deciduous through winter, white, pendulous flowers appear early summer, 12 cm across, opening late afternoon and only staying open for one night. Specimens have been documented as old as 2450 years. A traditional food plant in Africa – fruit pulp is either eaten fresh or dissolved into a drink, leaves are made into relish or powdered for adding to cooking.



Trema tomentosa $42.50/1000 seeds – upcoming fresh harvestTrema tomentosa 1

Common Name: Native Peach, Poison Peach

Native to eastern Australia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, grows to 8 m in rainforests, vine thickets, woodlands, open forests and populates regrowth areas. Small greenish flowers appear year round followed by shiny black drupes, consumed by birds.



Stephanotis floribunda $225.00/1000 seeds– upcoming collectionStephanotis floribunda 1

Common Name: Madagascar Jasmine

An evergreen, woody, vigorous climber native to Madagascar, grows to 6m or more in sunny, tropical climates and indoors in sunny positions. Requires trellising and prefers to be root bound. Glossy leathery oval leaves. Clusters of pure white waxy, highly fragrant star-shaped flowers only appear on new growth. Flowers are popular in bridal bouquets and floral decorations.



Banksia ericifolia $85.00/1000 seeds – upcoming collectionBanksia ericifolia 2

Common Name: Heath-leafed Banksia

Native to eastern Australia, growing to 6 m high and wide in its natural habitat but more commonly 1 to 2 m in cultivation. Flowers in autumn – winter in cooler climates – long red/orange flower spikes are bird attracting, particularly to honey-eaters for the nectar produced. Relies on fire for regeneration. Prefers a sandy, well-drained soil in a sunny position. Used as a street tree, garden ornamental, coastal gardens and cut flowers.



Bolusanthus speciosus $17.00/25 g, $495.00/kgBolusanthos speciosus 5 Tree

Common Name: Tree Wisteria

Native to South and East Africa, a fast growing small to medium tree to 6 m, weeping habit and deciduous in early spring. Hanging clusters of fragrant violet/blue flowers can cover the tree, appearing August to January. Prefers a sunny position, frost resistant but not drought tolerant. Uses including ornamental garden specimen, containers plantings on sunny verandahs, bonsai and street and park trees.


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Flindersia australis $20.00/25 grams, $595.00/kg

Flindersia australis multi pic

Common Name: Crow’s Ash, Australian Teak

Native to dry and subtropical rainforests of New South Wales and Queensland, growing to 40 m. Bird attracting white/creamy flowers appear in spring, followed by woody pods 7 to 10 cm long which split open in five segments to release the winged seeds. The timber is cream/yellow in colour with a close grain, used for flooring, furniture, decking and boat-building due to is strength and durability. Drought resistance, non-invasive roots. Ideal shady tree for street plantings and large gardens or as a wind break. Prefers a sunny position or filtered sunlight.


Ardisia crenata $89.50/1000 seeds – upcoming fresh collectionArdisia crenata 1 Fruit

Common Name: Christmas Berry, Coral Berry

A compact, multi-trunked shrub to 1 m, native to southern and eastern Asia. A popular garden ornamental with dark green, thick glossy leaves, small white/pink clusters of fragrant flowers followed by glossy red fruit which contrasts the foliage. Prefers partial shade in tropical and subtropical climates.


Buckinghamia celcissima $63.50/1000 seeds – upcoming fresh collectionBuckinghamii celcissima 1

Common Name: Ivory Curl Tree

Endemic to wet tropical rainforests of Queensland, grows to 30 m in natural habitat but only to 10 m in cultivation. Dense canopy of glossy, dark green leaves with a white underside. White flower spikes appear summer to autumn in drooping racemes that cover the tree. Bird and insect attracting, a popular street tree in Brisbane.


Harpullia pendula $159.00/1000 seeds – available in stock, collecting nowHarpullia pendula 1

Common Name: Tulipwood

A small to medium rainforest tree in tropical and subtropical climates, grows to 24 m in natural habitat but as a street tree only to 6 m. A popular ornamental with a compact canopy and timber is used in cabinetry and turning. Panicles of green/yellow flowers appear November to January followed by orange/yellow/red fruit containing two shiny black/brown seeds. Hardy, fast growing and non-invasive.


Pandanus tectorius syn pedunculatus $375.00/1000 seeds – upcoming collectionPandanus pendunculatis 5

Common Name: Screwpine

Native to coastal areas eastern Australia, Pacific Islands and Malesia, a small tree growing 4 to 14 m. Single trunked, forking at about 4 to 8 m high, supported by prop roots, the long leaves are spirally arranged on the end of the branches. Dioecious – male flowers are small, fragrant racemes that only last one day, female flowers resemble pineapples. The female trees produce large, segmented fruit up to 20 x 30 cm in size. Drought, salt and wind tolerant, ideal for coastal gardens.


Ravenala madascariensis $69.50/1000 seeds – upcoming collectionRavenala madagascariensis 8

Common Name: Travellers Palm

Not a true palm, closely related to Strelitzias. Grows 7m to 20 m, the large banana-like leaves in a fan formation tend to grow on an east-west line and the older, lowest leaves fall away as the plant grows, revealing a grey trunk. Large white flowers similar to Strelitzia nicolai are followed by brilliant blue seeds. Ornamental tropical and subtropical plant.


Schefflera actinophylla $13.50/1000 seeds – ordering soonSchefflera actinophylla 2

Common Name: Umbrella Tree

Native to tropical rainforests of eastern Queensland and Northern Territory. Evergreen, grows to 15 m, is multi-trunked and sometimes grows as an epiphyte. Flower racemes on the end of the trunks appear early summer for several months and can reach up to 2 m long, covered in small red, nectar rich flowers. Flowers are followed by small purple fruit.


Schefflera arboricola $25.00/1000 seeds – upcoming collectionSchefflera arboricola 1

Common Name: Dwarf Umbrella Tree

An evergreen plant native to Taiwan, growing 8 to 9 m tall. Panicles of green/yellow flowers up to 20 cm long are followed by green fruit that matures to orange then purple. Very hardy and good houseplant or bonsai. Keep moist but not wet. Outdoor plants should be protected from direct, hot sun.




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