Adenium obesumAdenium obesum 2

Adenium obesum $310.00/1000 seeds

 Common name: Desert Rose

  • Evergreen, drought-deciduous, succulent shrub

  • Grows 1 to 3 m
  • Flowers are pink or red with a white throat
  • Popular houseplant and bonsai specimen
  • Prefers sunny positions in temperate climates, water as you would a cactus




Tipuana tipu 1 FlowersTipuana tipu 2Tipuana tipu $9.00/25 g, $225.00/kg

Common Name: Pride of Bolivia

  • Deciduous tree growing to 30 m high, canopy 20 m wide
  • Flowers are bright yellow, blooming briefly in late summer
  • Tolerates a wide range of growing conditions – cold, salty, drought






Nelumbo nucifera 1Nelumbo nucifera 2 FlowerNelumbo nucifera $12.00/25 g

Common Name: Sacred Lotus

  • An aquatic perennial growing to 150 cm high, spreading up to 3 m
  • Native distribution is from central and northern India across to East Asia
  • Leaves up to 60 cm diameter, flowers up to 20 cm diameter
  • Grows in water up to 2.5 m deep, minimum depth 30 cm




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Moringa pterygosperma $9.00/25 g, $159.00/kg

Moringa pterygosperma 2

syn Moringa oleifera

Common Name: Koepanger Tree

Small tree originating from northern India. Fast growing, deciduous to 12 m, suitable to tropical and subtropical areas. Flowers once a years followed by hanging fruit, is a source of ben oil. Not frost tolerant.

Moringa pterygosperma 1 Flowers

 Bombax malabaricum $9.00/25 g, $159.00/kg

Bombax malabaricum 1Bombax malabaricum 2 Trunk

syn Bombax ceiba

Common Name: Red Cotton Tree

Medium tree originating from Asia with a tall, straight trunk covered with spikes to deter animals. Deciduous in winter with red flowers in spring followed by new foliage. Flowers attract insects, birds and bees. Fruit up to 13 cm in length contain cotton-like fibre that contains the seeds.






Brachychiton populneus $15.00/25 g, $379.00/kgBrachychiton populneus 4 TreeBrachychiton populneus 5 Flowers

Common Name: Kurrajong

Medium size tree to 10 m tall. Native to eastern Australia. Agricultural/pastoral uses include provision of dense shade, drought fodder, supports honey production and the deep roots don’t impact on surrounding crops. Widely used as a street plant, also as an ornamental garden specimen. Flowers are bell shaped with a red/brown inner and whitish outer.



 Caesalpinia pulcherrima $13.00/25 g, $249.00/kg

Caesalpinia pulcherrima 2 Flowers

Common Name: Pride of Barbados

A perennial shrub to 3 m tall, native to Asia and introduced to the West Indies. Can tolerate light/moderate frost but does best in warm climates with mild winters. A showy ornamental plant with flowers of red/orange/yellow that attract birds and insects.

Caesalpinia pulcherrima 1











Podocarpus elatus and Ravenala madagascariensis are coming up for collection May/June. 

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Podocarpus elatus 1Podocarpus elatus 2 FruitPodocarpus elatus  $140/1000 seeds

Common Name:  Plum Pine

Endemic to New South Wales and south Queensland coastal and subtropical rainforests, growing to 40 m tall.  Fire tolerant and suitable to coastal/salty situations, Podocarpus elatus is a traditional food source, the fleshy, round stem is edible.  The seed is attached to the stem rather than being found within the fruity flesh.




Ravenala madagascariensis 3Ravenala madagascariensis  $69.50/1000 seeds

Common Name:  Travellers Palm

A native to Madagascar and member of the Strelitziacea family, Ravenala madagascariensis is not a true palm.  The name Travellers Palm may come from the tendancy of the leaf fan to grow east/west, as a makeshift compass.  Growing to 7 m to 30 m tall, it bears large white flowers that when pollinated produce bright blue seeds.





Eucalyptus neglecta 1Eucalyptus neglecta 2 FoliageEucalyptus neglecta  $33.50/25 g

Common Name:  Omeo Gum

A rare, small/medium evergreen mallee growing to 7 m tall, endemic to Victoria.  Blue/green foliage with white flowers December to February.

To customers in colder climates:  Eucalyptus neglecta is a remarkable species, thriving in heavy snow as well as it does in hot summer conditions.  The juvenile foliage is worthy of cut foliage trade.





Brunfelsia latifolia $27/25 g

Common Name: Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

Shrub growing to 1 m with a rounded habit with dense foliage. Native to Brazil, Brunfelsia latifolia prefers a warm, humid climate but can do well in milder climates although becomes semi-deciduous in cooler regions. The most striking feature are the heavily scented flowers in spring that start purple and fade to white, giving an interesting multi-coloured floral display on a single plant. Used in pots, hedges and as a feature specimen in landscaping.

Brunfelsia latifolia 1 FlowerBrunfelsia latifolia 2


Ginkgo biloba $12/25 g, $129/kg

Common Name: Maidenhair Tree

Native to China, growing to 25 m tall, Ginkgo biloba is a beautiful shade tree with green leaves that turn to golden yellow in autumn. Prefers milder climates and occurs as separate female and male trees. Used a traditional Chinese medicine, Ginkgo biloba has been found in fossils dating 270 million years. They adapt well to urban environments making a great garden tree or park planting, as well as interesting bonsai specimens.

Ginkgo biloba 1Ginkgo biloba 2 Foliage


Robinia pseudoacacia $9/25 g, $179/kg

Common Name: Black Locust

Growing 12 to 30 m tall with an upright, straight trunk. Native to south east USA, Robinia pseudoacacia prefers temperate to warm climates, is shade tolerant. A deciduous tree with large, fragrant clusters of flowers.

Robinia pseudoacacia 1Robinia pseudoacacia 2 Flower


Monstera deliciosa $72.50/1000 seeds *Place orders now for delivery August/September 2018*

Common Name: Fruit Salad Plant

Native to the tropical rainforests of southern Mexico to Panama. Large, glossy green leaves, grows well in heavy shade. Spathe flowers are self-pollinating, bearing long fruit covered in hexagonal plates. When ripe, these plates fall away, revealing the creamy white pulp with a fruit salad flavour.

Monstera deliciosa 4Monstera deliciosa 5 Flower Fruit