Festuca ovina var. glauca $29.50/25 gFestuca ovina var glauca 1

Common Name: Blue Fescue

Native to the Mediterranean region, growing to 30 cm tall and 30 cm round. Clumping blue/green foliage with blue/green flowers in spring and summer. Will grow in part shade to full sun, is drought and frost tolerant. An interesting accent plant for borders or mass plantings as groundcover.



Brachychiton australis 1Brachychiton australis $295.00/kg

Common Name: Broad Leaved Bottle Tree

Native to eastern Australia, growing 5 to 8 m. Deciduous June to August when it the white, scented flowers appear. Non-invasive roots are suitable for parks and garden plantings. Also suitable for container and indoor plant specimens. Tolerates light frost and is very drought resistant.







Brachychiton discolor 1Brachychiton discolor $329.00/kg

Common Name: Lace Kurrajong

Native to eastern Australian dry rainforests. Grows to 30 m, is deciduous through early summer. Pink, bell-shaped flowers appear November to February. Hardy in a range of climates and tolerates a range of soil conditions. The compact root systems make this an ideal specimen for parks, gardens and street plantings.


Allamanda neriifolia 1Allamanda neriifolia $179.00/1000 seeds

Common Name: Bush Allamanda

Native to Brazil, growing to 2.5 m. Large yellow flowers appear almost year round, leaves are dark green and glossy. Low maintenance, tropical to subtropical ornamental garden or container plant. Can grow as a bush or a climber on fences.


Strelitzia juncea 1Strelitzia juncea $475.00/1000 seeds

Common Name: Crane Flower

Strelitzia juncea is a slow growing, non-spreading plant with green-grey, rush-like leaf stalks. Flowers are similar to S. reginae, also good as cut flowers. Growing 1 to 2 m tall, Strelitzia juncea makes a very interesting landscape feature plant. Drought resistant.



Strelitzia reginae 2 FlowerStrelitzia reginae $95.00/1000 seeds

Common Name: Bird of Paradise

Strelitzia reginae is a popular ornamental landscaping plant growing to 2 m tall. It is low maintenance and prefers warm, sunny climates. Flowers are good as cut flowers in arrangements.








Strelitzia reginae Mandelas Gold 1Strelitzia reginae ‘Mandela’s Gold’ $625.00/1000 seeds


Mandela’s Gold is the yellow form of the orange Strelitzia reginae. Growing to 1.5 m, it prefers a warm climate, full sun and well drained soil. Mandela’s Gold makes an interesting landscaping feature in the garden and can be grown in large tubs/containers. Grows in a clumping habit. Flowers in winter/spring are excellent for cut arrangements.



Strelitzia nicolai 2 FlowerStrelitzia nicholai $95.00/1000 seeds

Common Name: Giant White Bird of Paradise

An interesting landscaping plant in frost-free, tropical to sub-tropical gardens, Strelitzia nicolai grows to 10 m tall and 4 m wide. Large banana-like leaves grow in a fan-like arrangement. A great indoor pot plant.



Dracaena dracoDracena draco $63.50/1000 seeds

Common Name: Canary Island Dragon Tree

Native to the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Maderia to western Morocco. Young trees are single-stemmed. Generally slow growing, taking 10 to 15 years to reach about 1.2 m, before flowering and then branching. Flowers are creamy white and perfumed, followed by red berries. Established older trees are interesting, sculptural garden specimens. Younger plants grow well as ornamentals garden plants and indoor container plants.







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Roystonea regia 1Roystonea regia $69.50/1000 seeds

Common Name: Cuban Royal Palm

A tropical/subtropical evergreen native to Mexico, Caribbean and southern Florida. Grows 20 to 30 m tall with a single trunk about 45 cm diameter, grey with a green crownshaft. Leaves are up to 4 m long. White flowers are followed by green fruit which turn red then purple as it matures. Seeds are dispersed after the fruit is eaten by birds and bats.






Samanea saman 2 Flower

Samanea saman $9.00/25 g, $175.00/kg

Common Name: Monkeypod Tree

Native to tropical South America. Grows to 25 m with a wide canopy up to 40 m. Small green leaves fold closed in rain and in the evening. Flowers are white on the bottom with pink ends. A long living tree, one specimen is known to be over 200 years old.



Grevillea robusta flowersGrevillea robusta $10.00/25 g, $275.00/kg

Common Name: Silky Oak

Native to eastern coastal Australia. A fast growing evergreen up to 40 m tall. Flowers are arranged to one side like a toothbrush, yellow/orange from September to November. Timber is used in furniture and cabinetry. Prefers full sun in warm climates. Young trees need protection from frost.



Lysiphyllum gilvum 1Lysiphyllum gilvum syn Bauhinia gilvum $12.00/25 g, $295.00/kg

Common Name: Bean Tree

Native to New South Wales and South Australia. Bushy small tree to 6 m tall. Fl

owers occur through spring and summer and vary in colour between plants from white to pink to red. In its natural habitat it grows along creek lines.





Spring is here and we have some interesting exotic species available!


Yucca brevifolia $69.50/1000 seedsYucca brevifolia 1

Common Name: Joshua Tree

Native to arid southwestern USA, specifically California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada. In its natural habitat it grows up to 15 m tall and some wild specimens are over 100 years old. Leaves are dark bluish-green, linear and tapering to a sharp point, in dense spiral arrangements, leaf margins are white and serrated. Creamy white flowers appear February to April in pannicles up to 50 cm long and 35 cm wide. Prefers a hot, sunny spot with sandy, well-draining soil.



Zamia furfuracea 1Zamia furfuracea $189.50/1000 seeds

Common Name: Cardboard Plant

Native to Mexico, grows up to 1.3 m high and 2 m wide. The trunk is short and often subterranean. Leaves are very rigid, slightly furry and grow in a circular crown, erect in full sun, horizontal in shade. Prefers moist, well-drained soil, full sun to part shade, does not like the cold. In warmer climates it can grow well in containers and as houseplants. A low maintenance ornamental species for the garden.



Radermachera sinica $12.00/1000 seedsRadermachera sinica 1

Common Name: China Doll

Evergreen native to the subtropical mountains of China and Taiwan, growing up to 30 m tall and 1 m diameter. Leaves are small, glossy and delicate looking, flowers are white and trumpet shaped. Hardy plant once established and an excellent indoor container plant.