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We are taking orders and inviting enquiries for these annual items coming up for collection.

Castenospermum australe $289.00/1000 seeds, coming up from fresh harvest May to July

Castenospermum australe TriPic




 Clivia Belgian Hybrids – prices to be confirmed, please advise interest for availability June/July

Clivia Belgian Hybrids 6 Varieties



 Monstera deliciosa – price to be confirmed, taking orders for availability August/September

Monstera deliciosa Foliage Flower and Fruit

Brachychiton bidwillii $110.00/1000 seeds – upcoming fresh harvest

Brachychiton bidwillii 1

Common Name: Little Kurrajong

Native to tropical eastern Australia, a small deciduous tree growing 4 to 5 m with a spread of up to 4 m. Flowers spring through summer while tree is leafless. Flowers are pink to red and vary in size depending on regionality. Drough tolerant and frost tolerant.




Sophora prostrata – inviting enquiries for this interesting plant from New Zealand, seeds available from fresh harvest.Sophora prostrata 1

Common Name: Prostrate Kowhai

Native to New Zealand, a low growing shrub to 2 m high. Very small leaves along twisted branches with orange/yellow flowers. A very interesting specimen for indoor containers and bonsai.




Yucca whipplei $35.00/1000 seeds, taking ordersYucca whipplei 1

Common Name: Chaparral Yucca, Spanish Bayonet

Native to southern California and Baha California in Mexico, consisting of a stemless cluster of long rigid leaves with saw-tooth edges and sharp points, up to 90 cm long and green/grey in colour. A single flowers spike appears at maturity around 5 years, fast-growing and reaching to 3 m tall, bearing hundreds of bell shaped white/purple flowers.


Prices exclude gst, subject to crop.

Melia azedarach $10.00/25 g, $175.00/kg, upcoming fresh harvestMelia azedarach 1

Common Name: White Cedar

Deciduous tree growing 7 to 12 m tall and 6 to 8 m wide canopy. Small fragrant pale lilac flowers appear in clusters in autumn followed by fruit containing a seed. The seeds where often used as rosarie beads. The tree is mainly used for its timber – medium density, light brown to dark red in colour. Prefers sun to part shade and is frost hardy except under extreme frost conditions.


Ginkgo biloba $12.00/25 g, $129.00/kg, coming into stock soon from fresh harvestGinkgo biloba 2 Foliage

Common Name: Maidenhair Tree

Native to China and south Japan, growing 20 to 35 m tall with a conical canopy. A beautiful shade tree with green leaves that turn to golden yellow, deciduous in autumn, the leaves turn yellow before falling. Prefers milder climates and occurs as separate female and male trees. Used in traditional Chinese medicine, Ginkgo biloba has been found in fossils dating 270 million years. They adapt well to urban environments making a great garden tree or park planting, as well as interesting bonsai specimens. Resistant to wind and snow damage.



Austromyrtus dulcis $83.50/1000 seeds, coming into stock soon from fresh harvestAustromyrtus dulcis Fruit 1

Common Name: Midgen Berry, Midyim

Spreading shrub/small tree to 2 m. Native to coastal eastern Australia from Valla, New South Wales to Fraser Island, Queensland. Dark, glossy green leaves with hairy underside. White flowers appear spring/summer, followed by fruit. Fruit are white with blue/black spots and are edible, aromatic with a sweet gingery taste.



Pittosporum angustifolium $17.00/25 g, $535.00/kg, upcoming fresh harvestPittosporum angustifolium 1

Common Name: Native Apricot, Berrigan, Gumbi Gumbi

Tree to 10 m with weeping branches of slender leaves. Distributed mainly inland, southern Australia. Small cream yellow flowers are lightly scented, appear from late winter to mid spring, followed by small orange fruit. Prefers full sun and good drainage. A good ornamental plant or shade for stock.



Acacia cambagei $110.00/25 g, available in stock from fresh harvest

Acacia cambagei 1

Common Name: Gidgee

Endemic to semiarid and arid clay soil woodlands and forests of Queensland, extending into Northern Territory, South Australia and north-western New South Wales. Used for revegetaion and mine site rehabilitation.

Hakea salicifolia syn H saligna $69.50/1000 seeds from fresh collectionHakea salicifolia 1

Common Name: Willow-leafed Hakea

A shrub/small tree native to eastern New South Wales growing to 5 m. White flowers appear late winter/spring. Used as a hedge or street planting. Grows best in temperate and sub-tropical climates in open, sunny, well-drained positions.


Magnolia grandiflora $159.00/1000 seeds from fresh collectionMagnolia grandiflora 1 Flower

Common Name: Southern Magnolia

Native to south-eastern USA, a large tree growing 25 to 30 m with dense foliage of large, dark green leaves with a bronze underside. Flowers appearing spring to summer are white, very fragrant and large, up to 30 cm diameter. An excellent feature or shade tree for large gardens. Timber is used for furniture and veneers.


Michelia champaca $12.00/25 g from fresh collectionMichelia champaca 1

Common Name: Golden Champaca

Native to south-eastern Asia, in its native habitat grows to 30 m but in cultivation grows to about 10 m. Cream to yellow/orange fragrant flowers appear June to September. Timber is used in woodworking. Essential oil is used in perfume such as Jean Patou’s ‘Joy’. Prefers a sunny, well-drained position. Bird attracting.


Angophora subvelutina $25.00/25 g, $659.00/kg from fresh collectionAngophora subvelutina 1

Common Name: Broad-leaved Apple

Native to woodlands of eastern Australia, grows 12 to 20 m high. Flowers appear December to February. An important source for honey production. Butterfly attracting. Grows in most soil types in part to full sun.


Cissus hypoglauca $49.50/1000 seeds from fresh collectionCissus hypoglauca 1

Common Name: Water Vine, Billangai

Native to eastern Australia. A large, woody vine with yellow flowers spring and summer followed by purple fruit maturing in winter.


Cissus antarctica $50.00/1000 seeds from fresh collectionCissus antarctica 1

Common Name: Kangaroo Vine

A vine/ground cover endemic to New South Wales coast up to south Queensland. Used as an ornamental garden planting or indoor specimen with glossy green leaves. New foliage has a copper colouring. Cream flowers appear in spring. Tolerates shade well, fast growing.


Strelitzia juncea $475.00/1000 seeds from fresh collectionStrelitzia juncea 3

Common Name: Crane Flower

Strelitzia juncea is a slow growing, non-spreading plant with green-grey, rush-like leaf stalks. Flowers are similar to S. reginae, also good as cut flowers. Growing 1 to 2 m tall, Strelitzia juncea makes a very interesting landscape feature plant. Drought resistant.


Acacia baileyana purpurea $39.00/25 g, $1125.00/kg from fresh collectionAcacia baileyana purpurea 1

Common Name: Cootamundra Wattle

Native to south east New South Wales. A small tree with a short trunk and arching branches growing 5 to 8 m tall and 3 to 5 m wide. Foliage is silver-grey with purple juvenile foliage. Masses of yellow flowers appear June to August. Evergreen, prefers full sun, low maintenance, frost tolerant, drought resistant once established. Foliage and flowers make this an interesting colour specimen for gardens.


Tectona grandis $19.50/25 g, taking orders nowTectona grandis 2

Common Name: Teak

Native to south and south-east Asia, a large deciduous tree growing to 40 m. Small, white fragrant flowers appear June to August followed by fruit September to December. Mostly known for its high quality wood. Seeds require pre-treatment to germinate, by alternating wetting and drying of the seed (soak for 12 hours, dry for 12 hours, repeat for 10 to 14 days), sow shallow.


Availability and price subject to crop. Prices exclude gst and postage.