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Dietes iridioides $37.50/1000 seeds available in stockDietes iridioides 1 Flower

Common Name: Wild Iris, Butterfly Iris

Dietes iridioides is a compact, evergreen perennial. The attractive flowers on long stems only last one day. Like D. grandiflora, it is ideal as a border/edging plant as well as useful for erosion control on steep slopes. Drought and frost hardy.




Dietes grandiflora $27.50/1000 seeds from upcoming fresh harvestDietes grandiflora 2 Flower

Common Name: Large Wild Iris, Fairy Iris

Dietes grandiflora is a clumping, evergreen perennial with flowers that last several days. A drought and frost hardy plant, it is ideal for border/edging in low maintenance gardens, waterway banks and erosion control.




Alpinia caerulea Red Back $125.00/1000 seeds available in stockAlpinia caerulea RedBack

Common Name: Atherton Native Ginger

A variety of Alpinia caerulea, the broad green leaves have a red underside. Grows to about 2 m tall, 1 m wide. Prefers light to full shade and grows well indoors, with fragrant white flowers late spring to early summer, followed by blue berries.




Alpinia caerulea $125.00/1000 seeds available in stockAlpinia caerulea 2

Common Name: Native Ginger

Native to eastern Australia. An understorey clumping perennial growing to 3 m. A bush tucker plant/edible herb, the new leaf shoots and berries have a mild ginger flavour, eaten fresh or used in cooking. Fragrant white flowers appear throughout the year followed by blue fruit. Fast growing, prefers light to full shade and does well indoors, attracts bees, butterflies and other insects.




Aralia elegantissima $25.00/1000 seeds from upcoming fresh harvestAralia elegantissima 1

Common Name: False Aralia

Native to New Caledonia, an evergreen large shrub growing 2 to 3 m but more compact as a houseplant. Leaves are deeply serrated and textured with coppery tones. Prefers good light but not direct sun. Clusters of pale green flowers are followed by black fruit in autumn. Excellent indoor foliage plant.




Aralia sieboldii syn Fatsia japonica $18.00/1000 seeds from upcoming fresh harvestFatsia japonica

Common Name: Japanese Aralia

Native to Korea and Japan. Grows 1 to 3 m with deeply loped fan-like leaves. Prefers part to full shade. Clusters of small creamy-white flowers appear autumn to winter. An interesting indoor foliage specimen, also used as a hedge/screening plant and pool-scaping specimen.




Wodyetia bifurcata $235.00/1000 seeds available from fresh collectionWodyetia bifurcata 1

Common Name: Foxtail Palm

Native to Queensland. Grows up to 10 m tall with leaves 2 to 3 m long. White flowers followed by large orange/red fruit. The trunk is smooth grey/white and self-cleaning. Interesting ornamental garden specimen and highly sought after around the world.




Dypsis lutescens $37.50/1000 seeds from upcoming fresh harvestDypsis lutescens 7

Common Name: Areca Palm, Golden Cane Palm

Clumping trunks 6 to 12 m tall with leaves 2 to 3 m long. Prefers full sun/part shade. Pannicles of yellow flowers in summer are bird and insect attracting. Excellent ornamental garden plant used for screening or poolside and as an indoor container plant.




Phoenix canariensis $45/1000 seeds from upcoming fresh harvestPhoenix canariensis

Common Name: Canary Island Date Palm

Native to Canary Islands, usually grows 10 to 20 m but can reach up to 40 m. A single trunk palm with a dense dome of feathery, arching foliage. Grows best in Mediterranean and humid Subtropical climates, is slow growing and exclusively propagated by seed. Best suited to large gardens and parks. Related to Phoenix dactylifera, the true Date Palm.




Chamaerops humilis $149.00/1000 seeds from upcoming fresh harvestChamaerops humilis 1

Common Name: Dwarf Fan Palm

Native to the Mediterranean region such as the rocky coastal mountains of Morocco, Spain and France. Grows 3 to 6 m, spiny multi-trunked palm with fan-shaped leaves. Prefers full sun, well drained position, is slow growing.




Agapanthus orientalis White $17.00/1000 seedsAgapanthus orientalis Blue White

Agapanthus orientalis Blue $16.00/1000 seeds

Available in stock

Common Name: African Lily

Native to South Africa. Grows to 1 m high in a clumping habit of long, strappy green leaves about 1 m in length. Flower are arranged in clusters on stems in summer (November to February). Drought tolerant once established, hardy perennial, low maintenance. Used as background, border and mass plantings, also does well in pots and containers.


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Araucaria bidwillii $229.00/1000 seeds from upcoming fresh harvestAraucaria bidwillii foliage cones

Common Name: Bunya Pine

A large evergreen conifer native to south east Queensland. Grows 30 to 45 m and lives for hundreds of years. Large seed pods 20 to 35 cm diameter and weighing up to 10 kg fall to the ground intact before splitting open to reveal the edible seeds, the flavour of which has been likened to a chestnut. Hardy once established.


Araucaria cunninghamii $129.50/1000 seeds from upcoming fresh harvestAraucaria cunninghamii cones

Common Name: Hoop Pine

Native conifer to Queensland and New South Wales, growing to 60 m and living to about 450 years old. Cones are about 8 cm diameter and disintegrate at maturity, releasing the edible seeds. Produces high quality timber. Prefers sub-tropical climates.


Grevillea baileyana $55.00/1000 seeds, available from fresh harvestGrevillea baileyana 1

Common Name: White Oak / Brown Silky Oak

Native to rainforests of north east Queensland. In natural habitat it can grow to 30 m but in cultivation to 10 m. Creamy-white fragrant flowers appear August to December, prolific in tropical climates but slower in temperate regions. Flowers and foliage are used in floral arrangements, the leaves have a green upper with a bronze underside. Prefers compost rich acidic soil with good drainage in sunny to light shade positions. An attractive garden plant or street tree for bees, nectar birds, butterflies.


Backhousia citriodora $25.00/25 g, $720/kg (orders 250g and over) from upcoming fresh harvestBackhousia citriodora 1

Common Name: Lemon Myrtle

Native to subtropical rainforests of central and south east Queensland. Can grow to 6 m but usually smaller with a dense canopy. Creamy white flower clusters appear summer to autumn. The source of lemon myrtle essential oil, leaves are also used fresh or as dried flakes in cooking and is a traditional bush food. Low maintenance, coastal and drought tolerant.


Athropodium cirrhatum Matapouri Bay $89.50/1000 seeds from upcoming fresh harvestArthropodium cirratum

Common Name: New Zealand Rock Lily, Renga Lily

An evergreen, hardy, clumping perennial with large green/blue leaves and pink/white star-shaped flowers in spring and summer. Drought tolerant and suitable for coastal conditions, an ideal specimen for lush tropical landscaping, mass plantings, understorey plantings and containers.


Angophora floribunda $25.00/25 g, $759.00/kg (orders 250 g and over) from upcoming fresh harvestAngophora floribunda 2

Common Name: Rough-barked Apple / Boondah

Native to the woodlands and forests of eastern Australia. Grows to 30 m and wide spreading. Cream/white flowers appear November to March. Bark sheds annually. Prefers a sunny well-drained but moisture retentive soil.

Angophora leiocarpa $37.50/25 gAngophora leiocarpa 1

Common Name: Smooth Barked Apple Gum

Native to eastern Australia, grows to 25 m. The bark is smooth grey/cream colour with pink patches as it peels away. White/creamy flowers appear in clusters in summer.


Dietes bicolor $29.50/1000 seedsDietes bicolor 3 flower

Common Name: African Iris

A perennial clumping plant with strap-like leaves, grows to about 60 cm. Flowers are yellow with 3 dark spots. A very low maintenance plant, commonly found in roadside and car park landscaping. Also used as an ornamental garden plant, good for soil stabilisation and weed suppressing.


Cycas revoluta $575.00/1000 seedsCycas revoluta 1

Common Name: Sago Palm

The most popular cycad in cultivation. Native to southern Japan, slow growing, dioecious. Dark, rigid, glossy green leaves grow in a crown on a thick trunk. Used as an ornamental plant for gardens, is also a source of sago. Prefers warm temperate to subtropical climates with well-drained soil.


Xanthostemon chrysanthus $15.00/25 g, $395.00/kgXanthostemon chrysanthes JC5

Common Name: Golden Penda

Native to north eastern Queensland, grows 10 to 15 m in its natural environment but is generally smaller and more compact in cultivation. Glossy green leaves cover branches. Flower racemes consist of many small bright yellow flowers which appear any time of year. Grows best in subtropical climates with good drainage and sunny position. Grows in cooler climates but flowers less. Used as an ornamental garden plant, street plantings and parks.


Phormium tenax $32.00/25 g

Phormium tenax green 1

Common Name: New Zealand Flax Lily

An evergreen perennial native to New Zealand and Norfolk Island. Grows in a clumping habit with large strap-like leaves to 2 m, with tall spikes of yellow or red flowers in spring and summer. Used as an ornamental garden plant, also a source of textile fibre. Easy to grow, prefers sunny positions in moist soil, tolerates coastal conditions.


Phormium tenax purpureum $39.00/25 g

Phormium tenax purpureum 1Phormium tenax variegatum 1

Red-purple leaved form of Phormium tenax.

Phormium tenax variegatum $49.50/25 g

Variegated leaved form of Phormium tenax.




Clianthus puniceus 2Clianthus puniceus red $135.00/1000 seeds, upcoming collection

Common Name: Kaka Beak

Native to New Zealand’s North Island. Evergreen shrub to 2m, can be grown as a climber. Flowers are red and named after their resemblance to the beak of the Kaka parrot. Flowers spring to summer in pendulous clusters. Not frost tolerant.


Phormium tenax green $32.00/25 g, upcoming collectionPhormium tenax green 1

Common Name: New Zealand Flax

Native to New Zealand. Grows to 1.5 m tall and wide with a clumping habit. Leaves are large and sword-like. Grows in sun to part shade, is drought tolerant, low maintenance, tolerates coastal conditions and is suitable for garden and container plantings.


Alocasia brisbanensis $83.50/1000 seeds, availableAlocasia brisbanensis 1

Common Name: Cunjevoi

Native to eastern Australian rainforests. Grows up to 1.5 m. Large, glossy green leaves, suitable for shady garden plantings. Scented, green/cream coloured flowers appear in summer followed by red fruit.


Hymenosporum flavum $22.00/25 g, $795.00/kg, upcoming collectionHymenosporum flavum

Common Name: Native Frangipani

A rainforest tree native to Queensland and New South Wales. Can grow up to 20 m in natural environment. Fragrant yellow flowers appear September to October, attractive to bees, honey-eating birds and butterflies. Will grow in shade but flowers best in full sun. Protect from frosts until established.


Tabebuia rosea $62.50/1000 seeds, fresh collectedTabebuia rosea 1

Common Name: Rosy Trumpet Tree

Deciduous native to southern Mexico and northern South America. Grows 16 to 30 m tall with a spreading canopy. Flowers at various times of the year in response to dry weather. Trumpet shaped flowers are shades of pink and appear while the tree is leafless, creating a massive pink floral display. Prefers full sun and is salt tolerant.


Commersonia bartramia $69/1000 seeds, availableCommersonia bartramia 1

Common Name: Brown Kurrajong, Bush Christmas Tree

A pioneer rainforest species native to eastern Australia, growing to 25 m with an open spreading habit. White flowers appear in December. Prefers full sun and is very hardy.



Schizolobium parahybum $12/25 g, $279/kg, upcoming collectionSchizolobium parahybum 3

Common Name: Brazilian Firetree

Native to tropical South America, fast growing to 40 m with a single, straight trunk up to 80 cm diameter, branching only at the top of the tree. Nectar producing flowers appear October to December in masses. Prefers full sun and open position.



Hardenbergia violacea $35/25 g, $1150/kgHardenbergia violacea

Common Name: Purple Coral Pea

A vigorous evergreen climber native to eastern Australia. Grows to 6m, dark green leathery leave and masses of pea-like flowers winter to spring. Flowers usually purple but can be pink or white. Prefers sunny to semi-shaded positions but flowers better in full sun. Good for covering fences and walls. Regenerates after fire.




Eucalyptus pulverulenta $40/25 g, $1250/kgEucalyptus pulverulenta 1

Common Name: Silver-leaved Mountain Gum

A mallee native to New South Wales with very small natural distribution. An interesting Gum as it retains its juvenile foliage into maturity, rarely growing adult leaves. Foliage is silver-grey. Flowers are cream and appear in clusters of three between May and November. Used as an ornamental garden and landscaping tree and cut foliage in floral displays.