Indigofera australis 1Indigofera australis $19.00/25 g, $595.00/kg

Common Name: Australian Indigo

Native to Australia. Legume shrub growing up to 2 m tall and 2 m wide with pinnate blue/green leaves. Pea type flowers vary in colour from pink to purple, appearing September to November. An adaptable ornamental, prefers semi-shaded positions in moist soils. Proper pruning will result in a denser, more attractive plant.



Liquidambar formosana 1Liquidambar formosanum $50.00/1000 seeds

Common Name: Chinese Sweet Gum

Native to eastern Asia. A large, deciduous tree growing 30 to 40 m tall. Leaves turn orange to red to purple in autumn before falling. Prefers moist soil, full sun to light shade in subtropical and tropical climates. Excellent large garden/park specimen with beautiful autumn/winter foliage display.



Delonix regia 1Delonix regia $9.00/25 g, $125.00/kg

Common Name: Poinciana

Native to Madagascar, grows to 5 m but can get to 12 m. Prefers tropical and subtropical climates and is drought and salt tolerant. An ornamental garden/park/street planting tree. With its wide spreading canopy of dense foliage and dense clusters of red flowers November to February, this makes an excellent summer shade tree.