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Acacia acinacea - Gold Dust Wattle/Wreath Wattle 

A native to South East Australia, occuring in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, growing to 2m.  A good choice for screening and and also frost hardy and drought tolerant.  Globular yellow flowers from Winter to Spring. A decorative species that responds well to pruning after flowering.

Corymbia clarksoniana syn Eucalyptus clarksoniana - Grey Bloodwood/Grey Gum/Clarkson's Bloodwood 

A tree to 20m with tessellated red brown to grey brown bark and white to cream coloured flowers.  This species has a wide distribution from Cape York Peninsula south to far northern New South Wales.

Gahnia aspera - Saw Sedge 

A tufted perennial sedge, growing to 1m with long grass like leaves whichare rough to touch and sharp, saw edged margins.  It has a pretty flower spike which is dark brown to black and then followed by shiny dark red brown seeds.  This species is common in eastern Australia along the Great Dividing Range from south coast New South Wales to North Queensland in a variety of areas including rainforests.  It is a good choice for revegetation work.