Acacia macradenia - Zig Zag Wattle 

A spreading shrub to small tree to 5m widespread in inland districts of Southern and Central Queensland.  New growth is reddish and it has pendulous zig zag shaped branches with bright yellow ball flowers which occur in Winter - Spring, then followed by clusters of seeds pods.  This is a very showy species and good for ornamental use and roadside projects.

Eucalyptus camaldulensis - River Red Gum

A long lived single stemmed medium to large size tree, one of the most widespread Eucalypt species in Australia occuring in every mainland state.  It is fast growing, readily established and mainly cultivated for remediation of degraded sites, in particular Mine sites and those affected by salinity.  This species is frequently dominant of riparian communities and also a notable tree of riverine sites, whether permanent or seasonal water is aavailable.

Geijera parviflora - Wilga/Native Willow

A hardy tree to 9m with a beautiful weeping form and distributed in dryer areas - inland New South Wales, but also Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia in mainly mixed woodland communites.  Leaves are dark and glossy green, highly scented, as is the bark.  Flowers are small, white and produce an unpleasant smell to attract Blowflies for pollination, other insects also use the tree. These flowers appear June to November, then followed by fruit January to May.  This species can be used for fodder (mainly for sheep), it produces a dark amber honey with a very strong flavour and burning the foliage repels mosquitoes.  

Acacia fimbriata - Brisbane Wattle / Fringed Wattle

A fast growing, nitrogen fixing bushy shrub to small tree growing to 7m high producing profuse yellow perfumed ball shaped flowers during late Winter and Spring.  Pods containg Acacia seeds follow and mature November to December.  This species is frost hardy and native to South East QLD and Northern NSW.  It plays an important role in catchment protection and very useful as a screening plant.

Alphitonia excelsa - Red Ash - Revegetation grade 

A large fast growing tree which readily propagates from scarified seed and has a wide distribution - from the Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales.  It serves as an ornamental and also a fodder plant for sheep and cattle, also has some timber uses.  This species has a great natural habit with its foliage extending close to ground level.  Flowers that cover the tree in clusters are cream to greenish which occur November to March .

Eucalytpus melanophloia - Silver Leaved Ironbark / Broad Leaved Ironbark 

A medium sized evergreen tree to 20m tall, native to Queensland and New South Wales.  This species has beautiful blue grey leaves and white flowers and is easily identified by the grey black furrowed bark and stems, this is an important canopy species.

Acacia podalyriifolia - Queensland Silver Wattle

A quick growing tall shrub/small tree to 5m with a bushy habit.  As with many others of this genus, it doesn't have true leaves but phyllodes (flattened stems) which are a striking silvery grey colour.  Gorgeous yellow ball like flowers occur in Winter to early Spring.  This plant is suited to wide variety of climates, even tolerating moderate frosts.  

Cassia brewsterii - Brewster's Cassia / Leichardt Bean / Cassia Pea 

A native medium sized tree with fern like foliage and attractive yellow/orange flowers, some may even have red markings.  These produce pods to 45cm long, seeds are often heavily parasitised but this year they look the best I've seed them in years!  Drought resistant and a popular species for birds to feed on.

Eucalyptus tereticornis - Forest Red Gum/Queensland Blue Gum

A medium/large tree that grows on a wide variey of substrates and extends over much of Eastern Australia.  Flowers in June to November and seed capsules persist on trees until at least the next flowering, although in tropical populations, seed is shed shortly after it matures.  It is quite fast growing and makes a good shade tree, can be used to control gully erosion, for timber and many other uses.  It is an important food tree for Koalas, a habit for possums and a major source of pollen and honey for apiculture.


July August 2015 Newsletter

Dear Customers,

The end of June, stocktake completed and the prospect of a new year!  What could be better?  Despite those good offices, trading conditions are generally soft where we are, so we wish all our customers and associates the very best for the year ahead.

Despite the generally soft trading conditions, we believe that AustraHort is well positioned in to the foreseeable future, for despite our excellent balance of propagating nurseries, one of our leading mining companies has announced its intention to enter into long term supply contracts, conditions that we have been advocating for many years.

Collecting seed annually in a sense, hand to mouth, has become impossible for despite the vagaries of the weather (increasing unpredictable), the insistence of local governments ‘hot’ burning road side verges and other bush based public lands at the wrong time of the year results in alarming insect predations of bud crops resulting in widespread crop failures to say nothing of the trees themselves. By contrast, ‘cool’ burning at the correct time of the year creates circumstance where the natural ecology is in balance allowing for bud crops to mature and result in collectable crops without the destruction of parent tree stocks.

In an attempt to lessen the effects of bureaucratic intransigence in relation to fire timing, long term supply contracts permit circumstances where collectors can take maximum advantage of seed crops as they occur, knowing that the seed can be deployed over a minimum three year period thus giving an essential level of certainty to all concerned.

Best wishes,



July August 2015 Specials


Acer palmatum atropurpureum - Japanese Redleaf Maple

acer palm atrop

    $14/25g & $395/kg

A beautiful small deciduous tree to 10m which produces dark purple leaves in Spring which turn reddish in the Summer, then turn scarlet in Autumn.  Grows in a vase shape with multiple trunks, this is a gorgeous specimen tree which is sure to attract attention!



Agapanthus praecox ssp orientalis ‘Getty White’     Agapanthus Getty White2                                     


A late Spring/Summer white Agapanthus growing 45cm – 60cm tall and 90cm wide.  Thrives on neglect and very easy to grow.  A great white specimen that grows true to form from seed.



Astrebla lappacea - Curly Mitchell GrassAstrebla lappacea spikelet

$9/25g & $35/kg

A long lived warm season perennial grass, opened tussocked to 60cm.  Palatable to livestock even when dry.  Curly Mitchel Grass provides one of the most stable and economically important pastures in the semi-arid regions of Eastern Australia.  Of the four species of Mitchell Grass, this is the most widespread.


Chamaecytisus palmensis - Tagasaste/Tree LucerneChamaecytisus palmensis

$8/25g & $129.50/kg

A shrub or small tree growing to 5m with long drooping leafy branches although there can be some variation in habit.  White flowers appear in profusion in Spring though sometimes start in Winter, these then develop into flattened pods to 5cm long and ripen in Summer.  This plant is useful as a windbreak or for fodder and being an evergreen, it can provide feed at any time of year.  Chamaecytisus grows well in a wide range of environmental conditions and is very adaptable.



Paspalidium jubiflorum - Warrego Summer GrassPaspilidium jubiflorum


A warm season perennial that is favoured by livestock which produces leafy tussock to 130cm high.  Flowering usually occurs over a long period from Summer to Autumn.



Themeda triandra syn T. australis - Kangaroo GrassThemeda triandra

$7/25g & $79.50/kg

A tufted perennial to 1.5m high and 0.5m across which commonly grows in grassland and open woodland communities.  Leaves are green to grey drying to an orange brown in Summer.  Flowering December – February in variable growing conditions.


Fresh Harvest July August 2015


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Prices quoted per kg apply to purchases of 250g or more.