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Araucaria bidwillii $229.00/1000 seedsAraucaria bidwillii foliage cones

Common Name: Bunya Pine

A large evergreen conifer native to south east Queensland. Grows 30 to 45 m and lives for hundreds of years. Large seed pods 20 to 35 cm diameter and weighing up to 10 kg fall to the ground intact before splitting open to reveal the edible seeds, the flavour of which has been likened to a chestnut. Hardy once established.



Araucaria cunninghamii $129.50/1000 seedsAraucaria cunninghamii cones

Common Name: Hoop Pine

Native conifer to Queensland and New South Wales, growing to 60 m and living to about 450 years old. Cones are about 8 cm diameter and disintergrate at maturity, releasing the edible seeds. Produces high quality timber. Prefers sub-tropical climates.



Hibbertia scandens $65.00/1000 seedsHibbertia scandens 3

Common Name: Golden Guinea Vine

Small to medium shrub with a climbing habit of dark green glossy leaves and bright yellow flowers spring/summer. Common in cultivation, adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions but flowers best in full sun. Fairly vigourous and tolerant of salty coastal conditions and moderate frost. Excellent screening plant for fences and walls.



Santalum acuminatum $9.00/25 g or $49.50/kgSantalum acuminatum 1

(kg price applied to orders 250 g and over)

Common Name: Desert Quandong

Natural distribution is throughout southern Australia. A tall shrub/small tree growing 4 to 6 m high and 2 to 4 m wide. Leaves are slender and pale green. Fragrant flowers are green or white on the outer and red/brown on the inner. The fruit is a bushfood, ripening from green to shiny red in late spring/summer. Tolerates salt, drought and heat and can grow in poor quality soils.



Enchylaena tomentosa $13.00/25 g, $295.00/kgEnchylaena tomentosa

Common Name: Ruby Saltbush

A small perennial shrub 1 m in diameter occurring throughout most of Australia. Blue/green cylindrical, hairy leaves cover the bush all year. Fruits ripen from green/yellow to red/orange. The fruit is edible, described as sweet-salty. Highly drought tolerant an adaptable to various soil conditions. A popular source of food for emus.



Eremophila longifolia – enquiries welcomeEremophila longifolia 1

Common Name: Berrigan

A shrub/small tree growing 1 to 8 m, occurring throughout most of Australia in drier climates. Flowers are red to pink, flowering time is regional, spring/summer in Queensland, followed by yellow fruits that ripen brown to black. Grows in a wide range of soil types and habitats except high humidity coastal regions. Tolerant of heat, drought and regenerates well after fires.



Acacia cincinatta $22.00/25 g, $695.00/kgAcacia cincinnata 1

Common Name: Daintree Wattle

We advise of availability of this rarely available, highly desirable tropical Acacia.

Native to Queensland, an evergreen tree growing to 10 to 25 m tall. White / pale yellow flowers are lightly scented. Uses include agroforestry such as shade for crops, support for climbing crops and nitrogen-fixation for improving degraded soils. The hard, closed-grain timber is used in cabinetry and turning. Prefers light, sandy soils in sunny position. Wind resistant but does not tolerate frost. Regrows well after coppicing.



Pittosporum phillyreoides syn angustifolium $17.00/25 g, $535.00/kgPittosporum angustifolium 1

Common Name: Weeping Pittosporum

Tree to 10 m with weeping branches of slender leaves. Distributed mainly inland, southern Australia. Small cream yellow flowers are lightly scented, appear from late winter to mid spring, followed by small orange fruit. Prefers full sun and good drainage. A good ornamental plant or shade for stock.

Indigofera australis 1Indigofera australis $19.00/25 g, $595.00/kg

Common Name: Australian Indigo

Native to Australia. Legume shrub growing up to 2 m tall and 2 m wide with pinnate blue/green leaves. Pea type flowers vary in colour from pink to purple, appearing September to November. An adaptable ornamental, prefers semi-shaded positions in moist soils. Proper pruning will result in a denser, more attractive plant.



Liquidambar formosana 1Liquidambar formosanum $50.00/1000 seeds

Common Name: Chinese Sweet Gum

Native to eastern Asia. A large, deciduous tree growing 30 to 40 m tall. Leaves turn orange to red to purple in autumn before falling. Prefers moist soil, full sun to light shade in subtropical and tropical climates. Excellent large garden/park specimen with beautiful autumn/winter foliage display.



Delonix regia 1Delonix regia $9.00/25 g, $125.00/kg

Common Name: Poinciana

Native to Madagascar, grows to 5 m but can get to 12 m. Prefers tropical and subtropical climates and is drought and salt tolerant. An ornamental garden/park/street planting tree. With its wide spreading canopy of dense foliage and dense clusters of red flowers November to February, this makes an excellent summer shade tree.