Syzygium paniculatum $35/1000 seeds

Common Name:  Magenta Lilly Pilly

A native to New South Wales, this dense rainforest tree grows 8 to 15 m tall. White flower clusters appear November to February followed by edible, magenta fruit in May. Fruit may also be pink, white or purple. Very attractive to nectar and seed eating birds, Syzygium paniculatum is useful as a hedge, windbreak and shade specimen. Fruit is traditional bush tucker and eaten fresh or made into jam. Prefers sun/part shade, is fast growing and pollution tolerant.

Syzygium paniculatum 1Syzygium paniculatum 2

Virgilia capensis syn oroboides $13/25 g, $395/kg

Common Name: Pink Blossom Tree, Cape Lilac

Native to South Africa, this is a fast growing dense evergreen, growing to 8 m tall, 3 m wide. Fragrant flowers are attractive to birds and insects. Wind tolerant, frost tolerant when established.

 Virgilia capensis 1Virgilia capensis 2

Virgilia divariacata $13/25 g, $395/kg

Common Name: Pink Keurboom

A darker form of Virgilia capensis, V divariacata grows to 10 m but has a more compact growth habit and more luxuriant foliage.

Virgilia divariacata 1

Corymbia ptychocarpa $23.50/25 g

Common Name: Swamp Bloodwood

Native Australian evergreen tree growing 8 to 15 m. Red/pink flower clusters in February to May are followed by large woody capsules. An excellent ornamental garden specimen and useful as a coastal windbreak as it is salt tolerant and frost tolerant.

Corymbia ptychocarpa 1Corymbia ptychocarpa 2

Dovyalis caffra $27.50/25 g

Common Name: Kei Apple

Native to South Africa, Dovyalis caffra grows to 6 m tall although can reach 9 m in naturalized environments. Flowers appear along branches followed by yellow/orange berries 2 to 4 cm diameter. The fruit is a traditional food source, is juicy and very acidic, eaten fresh or used for jam or pickled. An interesting ornamental/coastal landscaping specimen in subtropical climates, salt tolerant, drought tolerant and makes an impenetrable, thorny hedge/screen.

Dovyalis caffra 1Dovyalis caffra 2




Khaya senagalensis 1Khaya senegalensis 2

Khaya senegalensis $150/kg

Common Name:  African Mahogany

Native to tropical west Africa

Grows 15 to 30 m tall

Scented white flowers are followed by fruit that ripens grey to black

Wood has an attractive grain and a rich red/brown colour, used for furniture, cabinetry, flooring and boat building

Excellent ornamental garden/landscaping tree



Barklya syringifolia 1Barklya syringifolia 2

Barklya syringifolia $120/1000 seeds

Common Name:  Crown of Gold Tree

Native legume to Queensland and New South Wales

Grows to 18 m tall in the rainforest, up to 10 m in cultivation

Weeping branches with orange/yellow flower spikes in summer

Excellent for small gardens, provides dense shade


Ficus macrophylla 1Ficus macrophylla 2

Ficus macrophylla $16/25 g, $455/kg

Common Name:  Moreton Bay Fig

A type of strangler fig native to eastern Australia

Grows 15 to 35 m tall with a similar spread

Leaves are dark green on top with brown undersides

Fruits are purple and very attractive to birds

Beautiful feature tree in parks and large gardens.





Cordyline australis $33.50/1000 seedsCordyline australis 1

Common Name: Cabbage Tree

  • Grows up to 20 m tall
  • Native to New Zealand
  • Strappy leaves grow in dense tufts at the end of the branches
  • Perfumed flowers appear in spring/early summer in dense flower spikes 60 to 100 cm long
  • Flowers attract birds and insects



Cordyline australis atropurpurea $37.00/1000 seedsCordyline australis atropurpurea 1

Common Name: Purple Cabbage Tree

  • Leaves are wine purple colour growing in dense tufts at the end of the branches
  • Older plants develop trunks and can grow 3 to 4 m tall
  • Frost and drought tolerant, low maintenance, prefers full sun
  • Can be grown in containers and makes an interesting specimen in architectural landscape designs





Cassia brewsterii $11.00/25 g, $275.00/kg

Cassia brewsteri 1

Common Name: Leichardt Bean

  • Endemic to Queensland
  • Grows up to 12 m tall
  • Flowers are yellow and red in hanging clusters in autumn, followed by pods up to 40 cm long
  • Suitable for coastal plantings




Bauhinia carronii $12.00/25 g, $372.00/kgBauhinia carronii 1

Common Name: Red Bauhinia, Queensland Ebony

  • Known as Lysiphyllum carronii in Queensland
  • Grows up to 10 m tall
  • Drought hardy
  • Used as shade and fodder for stock in dry times
  • Interesting timber for woodworking with its ‘ebony’ markings in the grain




Erythrina vespertilio $10.00/25 g, $235.00/kgErythrina vespertilio 1

Common Name: Bat’s Wing Coral Tree

  • Grows 6 to 10 m tall
  • Australian native
  • The three-lobed leaves resemble a bat’s open wings
  • Deciduous in the dry season
  • Flowers August/September when the tree is leafless
  • Orange/red or deep red pea flowers

Pittosporum rhombifoliumPittosporum rhombifolium 1

$14.00/25 g, $325/kg

Common Name:  Queensland Pittosporum

An Australian native from rainforests of southern Queensland and northern New South Wales.  A small/medium tree growing to 25 m, usually smaller in cultivation.  An attractive shade tree for suburban gardens with smooth grey bard and glossy green foliage.  Small white perfumed flowers are followed by clusters of orange berries in autumn.







Agapanthus Peter Pan                      Agapanthus Getty White                      Agapanthus africanus var Queen Anne

$39.00/1000 seeds                             $37.50/1000 *special promo price*          $35.00/1000 seeds *special promo price*

Agapanthus Peter Pan 1                    Agapanthus Getty White 2        Agapanthus africanus var Queen Anne 1

Agapanthus are perennial evergreens with strappy, green leaevs, growing in a clumping habit.  Produces large, showy heads of flowers in spring/summer that attract bees and butterflies.  Old flower spikes should be removed to promote re-blooming.  Prefers full sun but tolerates part shade.  Easy to grow, pest and disease resistant and tolerant of salty, coastal winds.  Ideal for mass plantings, borders, containers and cut flowers.