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Bismarckia nobilis 1

Bismarckia nobilis $575.00/1000 sds

Common Name: Madagascar Palm

In it natural habitat in Madagascar, Bismarckia nobilis will grow to 25 m but typically grows to 12 m high in cultivation (and just as wide). Wide spreading leaves are silver-blue growing from a single trunk. Suitable for large gardens with room to spread, full sun, well-drained soil in tropical and subtropical climates.




Caryota mitis 1Caryota mitis $120.00/1000 sds

Common Name: Fishtail Palm

Native to India and south east Asia, Caryota mitis is a clustering palm growing to 8 m. Prefers a shaded, well-drained position in tropical and subtropical climates. Also suitable for indoor containers.





Sophora tomentosa 1Sophora tomentosa $9.00/25 g, $179.00/kg

Common Name: Necklacepod, Silver Bush

Shrub/small tree growing 5 to 7 m in coastal dunes. Endemic to Northern Territory, Cape York and from north east Queensland down to north east New South Wales. A pioneer species and nectar plant for bees and butterflies.



Davidia involucrata 1

Davidia involucrata $29.00/25 g

Common Name: Handkerchief Tree

Native to China, Davidia involucrata is a deciduous tree growing 20 to 25 m. Best known for the flowers, each flower head is 12 to 25 cm and pure white, hanging in long rows beneath the horizontal branches, best in late May.



Strelitzia nicolai 2 FlowerStrelitzia nicolai $95.00/1000 sds

Common Name:  Giant White Bird of Paradise

An interesting landscaping plant in frost-free, tropical to sub-tropical gardens, Strelitzia nicolai grows to 10 m tall and 4 m wide.  Large banana-like leaves grow in a fan-like arrangement.  A great indoor pot plant.



Agapanthus praecox Baby Blue 1Agapanthus praecox Baby Blue $62.50/1000 sds

Native to South Africa but naturalized in the Mediteranean climates of many countries, Baby Blue grows up to 1 m tall, flowering December to February. An ideal border planting specimen and group plantings in mixed gardens.









Melicope elleryana $10/25 g, $235/kgMelicope elleryana 1

syn Euodia elleryana

Common Name: Pink Euodia, Corkwood

An evergreen, small to medium tree growing 5 to 8 m (up to 25 m in its natural habitat), Melicope elleryana naturally occurs in rainforests of northern New South Wales to northern Queensland. Masses of pink flowers bloom along the branches in summer, attracting nectar feeding birds, insects and butterflies, including the blue Ulysses butterfly. Tolerates mild frost. Shallow root systems is suitable for planting in gardens and street plantings.




Plumbago capensis 2 Flower

Plumbago capensis $59/1000 seeds

Common Name: Blue Plumbago

A perennial shrub/climber native to South Africa, Plumbago capensis prefers a full sun/part shade position in the garden. Tolerant of poor soils and drought, it is a showy, low maintenance garden specimen, flowering heavily November through to March.



Schinus molle 2 Berries

Schinus molle $11/25 g, $179/kg

Common Name: Peruvian Pepper

An evergreen native of the Peruvian Andes, Schinus molle grows to 15 m tall. The new growth on upper branches tend to have a drooping habit. Profuse drooping clusters of small, white flowers occur on the end of branches and the following fruit resembles pink peppercorns. Used as an ornamental garden or street tree.

Cornus alba $15.00/25 gCornus alba 2Cornus alba 1

Common Name: White Dogwood

  • Native to Siberia and northern China
  • Shrub/small tree growing to 3 m
  • White flowers and followed by white fruits
  • Deciduous in autumn/winter, revealing red stems
  • Striking ornamental landscape feature



Randia fitzalanii $129.00/1000 seedsRandia fitzalanii 2 FruitRandia fitzalanii 1 Flowers

Common Name: Native Gardenia, Yellow Mangosteen

  • Native to tropical Queensland
  • Shrub/small tree 3 to 10 m
  • Lush, glossy foliage with highly scented flowers followed by large yellow, edible fruit which attracts birds
  • Flowers, September to November, open in the afternoon
  • Suitable for shady positions or well-lit indoor containers


Peltophorum pterocarpum $13.00/25 gPeltophorum pterocarpum 2Peltophorum pterocarpum 1

Common Name: Copperpod, Yellow Flame Tree

  • Native to tropical south east Asia
  • Tree growing 15 to 25 m
  • Popular ornamental tree with a large canopy for shade and lightly scented yellow flowers that cover the tree in spring
  • Wood is used in cabinet making, foliage can be used for crop fodder